HTL 101 mid term 2013

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HTL 101


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 Time: 90 minutes

Part I: Multiple Choice Questions: 1 to 50
(Circle the letter of one choice only for each question and on the bubble sheet with pencil) Total marks: 50

Part II: Short Answer Questions: 51-57
Total marks: 30

Part I :

Part II:

Combined: ........../ 80

Part 1: Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following pioneers of the lodging industry allegedly first introduced franchising concept into this industry? a. Ellsworth M. Statler
b. Caesar Ritz
c. Kemmons Wilson
d. Conrad Hilton
e. J.Willard Marriott

2. Which of the following pioneers of the lodging industry said that “The customer is always right?” a. Ellsworth M. Statler
b. Caesar Ritz
c. Kemmons Wilson
d. Conrad Hilton
e. J.Willard Marriott

3. Which of the following statements about the origins of the European lodging industry is FALSE? a. Most people traveled for pleasure.
b. The first innkeepers operated inns on a part-time basis.
c. During the late 1700s, English inns were considered the finest in the world. d. Early innkeepers were mainly clergymen, mountain guides, and farmers.

4. Which of the following people took the “grand tour?”
a. Rich Saudi Arabian
b. Young British from very wealthy and powerful family
c. Young Chinese from very wealthy and powerful family
d. Leisure travelers

5. Which of the following was a feature of the Buffalo Statler Hotel? a. light switches placed just inside the door
b. baths shared with only one other person
c. newspapers available for a fee to each guest
d. fire doors eliminated on all stairways

6. According to the handouts entitled: The early history of lodging in Europe and America,” which of the following was NOT a main factor contributing to the establishment of early hotel training school in Europe? a. Bigger hotels size

b. Increased technology in hotels
c. Increasingly complex administrative problems in hotels
d. Market segmentation

7. Identifying smaller groups within a target market and developing products and services to satisfy these groups is called: a.franchising. segmentation.
c.demand marketing. marketing.

8. The Vacation Resort is a 100-unit property owned by 5,000 individuals, each owning a one-week stay in a specific unit each year. This resort is best described as: a.a traditional hotel company.

b.a franchisor with a management contract.
c.a condominium operation.
d.a time-share operation.

9. Which of the following early type of European hotels provided economical, clean, efficient overnight accommodation and located in major crossroads. a. English inns
b. Vacation hotels
c. Grand hotels
d. Transit hotels

10. All of the following are benefits enjoyed by hotels affiliated with franchise organizations or referral groups EXCEPT: a.expanded advertising.
b.centralized purchasing.
c.central reservation systems.
d.rating services.

11. All of the following are benefits for individual hotels entering into franchise agreements with lodging chains except: a. a centralized reservation system.
b. a brand image and reputation.
c. freedom to design unique standards of operation.
d. technical assistance in purchasing.

12. One difference between Diamond rating and Star rating is that: a. Diamond rating is more rigid than star rating
b. Star rating is more rigid than Diamond rating
c. Diamond rating is more universal
d. Star rating is more universal

13. The owner/manager of the University Inn has a great deal of flexibility in responding to changes in local market conditions but cannot afford broad...
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