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Hindustan Times Media
Hindustan times media summer internship project
Submitted by :
Kushal Ghaskadvi (pgp20102481)
Iilm institute for higher education
Hindustan Times Media
Hindustan times media summer internship project
Submitted by :
Kushal Ghaskadvi (pgp20102481)
Iilm institute for higher education

Table of content| Page numbers|
Company overview| 4|
Agenda of the project| 5|
Business overview| 5|
Business model| 7|
HT Shoppers product| 8|
Ht shoppers –content * What is HT Shoppers * Product shots – page by page overview- cover page, we people, The party, Our life, local happening, apparel agenda, Education zone, Food guide , The Fashionista, Eating out ,Staying healthy , street smart.| 9,10| HT Shoppers at glance| 38|

HT Shoppers AD Specification| 39|
Selling space at a glance| 39|
Tentative Rates per| 40|
Internship objective| |
Areas of Research| 41|
Must cover outlets| 41|
Research- Market Mapping| 42|
Brand Experience Test ( Mature Market)| 43|
Advertisers feedback| 44|
Data sheets of different markets covered: * Arjun marg * Ambience mall * Galleria * Gold souk * Huda market * Leisure valley * Qutuab plaza * Sector 14 * Sector15 * Sector16 * Super mart1 * Super mart2 * Vatika towers * Vyapar Kendra| 46| Summary of markets| 69|

HT Media found its beginning in 1924 when its flagship newspaper, Hindustan Times was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. HT Media (BSE, NSE) has today grown to become one of India's largest media companies. Produced by an editorial team known for its quality, innovation and integrity, Hindustan Times (English newspaper) and Hindustan (Hindi newspaper through a subsidiary Hindustan Media Ventures Limited), have a combined daily readership base of 12.7 million (based on round 2 of Indian Readership Survey 2009) to their credit. Both dailies enjoy a strong brand recognition among readers as well as advertisers. To cater to the large readership base, HT Media operates 19 printing facilities across India with an installed capacity of 1.5 million copies per hour. In addition to Hindustan Times, HT Media also publishes a national business newspaper, Mint. Mint is a one-of-its-kind newspaper in the sense that the company has an exclusive agreement with the Wall Street Journal to publish Journal-branded news and information in India. Mint is today the second-largest business newspaper in India with presence in the key markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Pune, Kolkata and now Ahmedabad too. HT Media has also made its foray into electronic media. Diversifying its ambit of operations, the company in a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio, has launched the FM radio channel - Fever 104. Currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, Fever 104 has established a strong presence as being one of the most vibrant channels on air. In a short span, the channel's rise has been meteoric considering its position in Mumbai and Bengaluru at No. 1 and in Delhi as the No. 2 station on the popularity charts.

Internet businesses of HT Media incorporated under Firefly e-ventures, operate leading web portals and in the general and business news categories respectively. The company's job portal which has received high appreciation from consumers and industry for its innovative design and usability crossed 5 million registrations. - a social networking site is growing phenomenally. The company has recently launched an education portal aimed at students passing out of school and college to help them take the right decision about their higher education. AGENDA………………………………….

* Hyperlocal business - overview
* HT Shoppers product- overview
* Internship objective
* Deliverables

Business Overview………………
* Starter with Hyperlocal...
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