Hsm 270 Capstone

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Capstone 270

If a programs missions statement is in direct conflict of the larger organization as a whole it is not operating within the acceptable perimeters of the organization therefore a program's mission statement must coincide with the human service organization that it is part of in order for the program to be maintained.

An example of when this could occur would be if you worked for a Catholic faith based organization whose mission statement directly coincides with basic fundamental Catholic beliefs. If you are part of a program that is geared towards teen pregnancy prevention providing birth control would not be an acceptable part of your program as the Catholic faith based organization would find this act to be against their mission statement. If your program chose to go against the larger organizations mission statement your program would not only be ended but your integrity would be called into question as you are not following the organization as a wholes mission statement and core values.

In the example of the Far West Elementary school your program would have to meet the standards of all programs in public school systems. An example of going against this would be to just put the ESL children in a classroom separate from the other students. Although this seems like a very practical and efficient solution the government long ago stated that “separate but equal” standards for schools are not constitutional. If the school were to do this they could face multiple lawsuits. Going against the larger programs mission statement can surmount to acting illegally.
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