Hsm 240 Goals and Objectives

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Goals and Objectives

HSM 240

Knowing the difference between goals and objectives for an organization is an essential part of understating an organization as well as analyzing their services and programs. It is also important to decipher if those programs and policies are latent or manifest, or long-term or sort term goals and objectives.

The Community Counseling Services organization does not seem to explain their goals and objectives clearly. When first visiting the website it is clear what their list of programs and services are. It is also made clear who is able to utilize these services. Although each program states a specific purpose and need in which it is meeting, there are no direct measureable goals or objectives that are specifically listed. However, the programs and services descriptions seems to have their own goals because they each answer a different type of societal problem like outpatient services for those in times of life changes, and type 50 services for those who need behavioral health care, or mobile therapy for children and families who need one on one counseling, substance abuse programs and even senior programs. All of these could be considered societal problems that are areas of concern and Chambers and Wedel, 2005 states that “a program should answer societal problems of concern and provide a consistent standard for performance’. Also these programs and services do operate in way that services program participants and the greater good.

However, when looking through the various other affiliates of Community Counseling Services there are link that provide other information such as mission and value statements. Although, these statements are not directly related to Community Counseling Services, the impression given is that because these other programs or organizations are affiliated with community counseling services that in turn Community Counseling Services have the same mission and values statements.


References: Chambers, D. E., & Wedel, K. R. (2005). Social Policy and Social Programs: A Method for the Practical Public Policy Analyst, (4th ed.). : Pearson Education, Inc..
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