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In this essay, I will be taking on the role of the head administrator, of the Northumberland Community Garden. I will be writing a proposal letter to the American Community Gardens Association, to try and receive funding for the Northumberland Community Gardens. In this letter, I will give a basic outline of the program development stages, evaluation process, and financial aspects of my organization. I will also include other information that would be considered relevant to understanding my purpose for creating this program. Northumberland Community Gardens

To Whom It May Concern, this program proposal is design by the administration of the Northumberland Community Gardens, and has been developed to obtain funding from the American Community Gardens Association. “Our Mission, at The Northumberland Community Gardens is to empower the community to work as a team to build, operate, and maintain a Community Garden, which will provide low income families with nutritional, locally grown produce.” The Northumberland Community Gardens believe that “No family should go without food”, and that communities should come together to help prevent hunger all over the world. We strive to remedy this social problem, by building natural powered and solar powered, hydroponic produce gardens, that make fruit and vegetables available to low income families; all year long. First off, there is a very strong need for a community garden, due to the high rate of poverty and lack of community resources; in Northumberland County, Virginia. The staff of the Northumberland Community Garden believes that we can help to solve this social problem, by creating a community garden. The 2011 census states that 10.9% of the population is considered to be living in poverty, and 29.8% of the population receives some kind of public support. The Northumberland Community Garden would help to take some of the burden off of public programs, and help the community to have a hand on approach to improving their lives. Plus, the community will also learn how to cultivate crops in the process, which is skill that can help provide food for their family; forever. The main goal is to provide food to low income families, who are recipients of welfare, or other community programs that help provide food assistance in the community. To do this; the Northumberland County Community Garden will need a facility and staff. The staff will consist of three or four payroll employees, with the bulk of the labor force being volunteers, or citizens commissioned to provide community service. The facility will consist of 3 acres of crop land, with an indoor facility consisting of a 1200 square foot green house. All supplies and structures will be included in the “Budget” portion of this proposal letter. We will also have an on-site Farmer’s Market, which will provide a portion of their proceeds to help support the community garden. The fruits and vegetables cultivated by the Northumberland Community Garden will be available, for free, to eligible recipients. Eligibility will be determined by application, assessment of client’s income, or public referral from Social Services. Applicants will also be required to donate an hour a week, or personal labor, toward helping to maintain the community garden. The following is a basic Program Theory for The Northumberland Community Garden:

I. Program theory
(The selected variable)
Community Citizens do not understand the importance of agriculture, and need to utilize more natural resources, when obtaining food. \→Community Citizens need to become more self-efficient, and utilizes more renewable resources of food. II. Program design

(Intended to decrease the effect of the preceding “selected variable”) (a) Teaching citizens how to maintain, operate, and utilize community garden (specifically natural, solar and wind energy) 1. Teach community classes on installation, maintenance, and utilization of...

References: http://communitygarden.org/learn/starting-a-community-garden
www.phoenix.edu. University Library
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