Topics: Family, Mother, African American Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: April 4, 2014

A Psychological and Educational Perspective on Black Parenting, Black Children: Rashaad Coleman
California State University, Northridge

After reading “A Psychological and Educational Perspective on Black Parenting, Black Children” I agree with Hariette Pipes McAdoo’s concepts on black parenting. Reading the research that this chapter contained, I realized there is a lot that goes into parenting in the African American community. It is more of an art then a science; you have to figure out what works specifically for your situation. One thing that found very surprising was the teaching of racism in the upbringing of young black children. During my childhood, my parents never used the color of our skin as a disability. My parents always taught me I could do and be anything I ever wanted if I worked hard for it. Not once did my parents warn me or teach me to look out for racism. In doing this I believe it allowed me to want to do and achieve more. The fact that I was not looking for an excuse such as “I didn’t get the job because I’m black”, gave me no reason to feel I was limited in life due my race. Looking at the men in the black community, I saw that we play a large role in the child’s socialization development. According to McAdoo, “…there was an indirect relationship between the fathers’ nurturance of the mothers and higher self-esteem of their children”. To me this statement means that in a home where the mother and father are living happily, the child would develop a better self-esteem and confidence. So as long as the family is thriving such as every family wants, then the development of the child is enhanced. This seems to be the same amongst families of different demographics, yet the black family face many different challenges. The survival rate among black males has been declining while their white male counterparts have been rising. The text points out the top five causes of death among black...

Cited: McAdoo, H. P., & McAdoo, J. L. (1985).Black children: social, educational, and parental environments. Beverly Hills: Sage Publications.
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