HSC 3045 Promote Positive Behaviiour

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HSC 3045

Promote Positive Behaviour.

Outcome 1
1: Legislation sets out laws that must be followed, these laws can help protect workers and the vulnerable people being supported. It is the responsibility of both the company and the employee to be aware of these legislations, Legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Human Rights Act 1998. The company's policies and procedures, training given to staff, following care plans also encourage positive behaviour all contribute to ensure the best support is provided to individuals.

2: Restrictive interventions are ways of preventing an individual from carrying out a task. This task could be challenging behaviour, these intervention techniques are only used by qualified staff. Staff must only use techniques learned in training and only when appropriate to do so.

3: Restrictive intervention must only be used if the individual is at risk the of injury to themselves or others around, coursing damage to property or illegal behaviour.

4: Your manager and duty nurse must be informed of any incident involving individuals acting in a violent manner, incident reports must be filled in. The report must provide detailed information such as all people involved, time, date, witnesses and location. All these details must be kept safe in the main office. A record of this behaviour will be recorded in the daily activities log and could be referred to at any time. If the behaviour continues a behaviour chart could be used to help track the re-occurrence of incidents.

5: The least possible restrictive intervention should always be used when dealing with challenging behaviour as the intervention may increase the challenging behaviour its self and not help resolve the situation. The least possible restrictive intervention will reduce the risk of harm to everyone involved also and also prevent the restrictive intervention being used as a form of abuse.

6: Safeguards must be in-place before restrictive physical interventions are used, some of these safeguards are; Fully trained staff only to practice restrictive physical intervention, All other options used first before any intervention, one individual to co-ordinate the intervention and make the area safe before attempting the intervention and Record all incidents of intervention. These sfeguards will help protect all involved by showing a full account of the behaviour leading up to the incident. This information can be used in future reviews or investigations.

Outcome 2
1: Reactive strategies are put into action when responding to an incident that has begun or has happened. Proactive strategies are preventative measures to help stop incidents beginning.

2: Reactive strategies are CPI techniques that help protect support workers from physical assault. Crisis prevention techniques help stop individuals having an incident by defusing a potentially
confrontational situation. Proactive strategies involve understanding the individuals being supported, knowing what situations are likely to start an incident, make them agitated or aggressive.
Confrontation can be avoided just by observing how the individual interacts with other individuals around. When needed staff could simply interact with them and help them become distracted or guide them away from something that may put them at risk.

3: It is best for support staff to learn the behaviour patterns of the individuals they are supporting, knowing what things or situations irritate the individual will help keep them safe. Knowing what triggers the individual to become challenging can help staff to deal with the individual more quickly, this gives them more time to also help calm them down safely.

4: Using a person-centred approach whilst planning strategies to be used for an individual is the best way for these strategies to be successful. The individuals needs and preferences will help the strategies work best for them and also help build trust...
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