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An insight view of an organization (HSBC Bank)

Serial Number| Name| Pages|
01| Acknowledgment| 01-01|
02| Introduction| 01-01|
03| Scope and limitation of the project| 02-03|
04 (a)| Company information| 03-03|
04 (b)| Company mission, vision| 03-04|
04 (c)| Organizational Structure| 04-05|
05| Legal Barriers| 05-07|
06 (a)| Major source of job candidates in Bangladesh| 08-08| 06 (b)| Decruitment option| 08-09|
07 (a)| Types of selection devices used by the organization| 09-09| 07 (b)| Strengths and weakness of the devices| 09-09|
07| Employee placement| 10-11|
08 (a)| Employee orientation program| 11-11|
08 (b)| Types of training and methods| 11-12|
09 (a)| Performance appraisal methods| 12-12|
09 (b)| Pros and cons of appraisal tools| 13-14|
09 (c)| Types of compensation| 14-15|
10| Conclusion| 15-15|

1. Acknowledgement
We would love to thank the following individuals who provided information and insightful suggestions for this project: 1. Md. Salahuddin Bhuiyan
Finance Operation Manager,
Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.
2. Noor-E-Hasnin
Lecturer, School of Business
North South University
We owe a debt to our faculty Noor-E-Hasnin who gave us the opportunity to do this project and to acquire knowledge about an organization. Her special consultation helps us to make this project.

The group members were too active to give effort and made a long research. Without their help this project wouldn’t have been possible. Some of our talent friends rendered good advice and solution when we faced a problem. The acknowledgement goes to Sohan and Siam of our university for their cooperatiton. We extend special thanks to Md. Salahuddin Bhuiyan for giving a lot of time during the interview in his organization. 2. Introduction

We have selected HSBC Bank for this project, the world’s second largest bank and financial groups. The full name of this organization is Hong kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. HSBC was born from a small idea- a local bank serving local needs. In 1865 HSBC launched its first branch. The founder is Sir Thomas Sutherland, a Scottish, who wanted to enhance the growing trade between China and Europe. Now this bank has a huge number of locations around the world including 7500 offices in 87 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa .It inaugurated its banking activities in Bangladesh in 1996 with a comprehensive financial services. Its head office is in Sonargoan Road. 3. Scopes and limitations of the project

Scope: The project is based on HRM processes or activities of an organization give a scope to identify and acquire the most talent employees in all the sectors at the right time. It also gives the new and present employees the needed skills and knowledge by providing orientation and training program. Performance appraisals of this project such as performance evaluation, pros and cons of the method of appraisal and the types of compensation allow to learn how an organization to retain their highly capable employees. It gives us the scope to know the importance of HRM activities in an organization such as gaining competitive advantage, to increase the high performance, collecting appropriate candidates from major sources within a specified time period. The Decruitment options give us to learn how to minimize the excessive number of employees and minimize the organizational cost. The other part of the project gives us brief information about a specific organization, their target and goals in the global market, customer value and their provided services. Organizational structure of this company makes us acquainted with the different level of the organization and hierarchy model. Last of all we can conclude that this...
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