Topics: Bank, Central bank, Interest rate Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: January 29, 2013

Technological segment:

1. With the development of Internet and electronic techniques, HSBC Bank (China) now has electronic banking service: phone banking, personal or corporate online banking, message service and so on. 2. The crime rate of banking is increasing, especially online banking, HSBC Bank (China) takes many high-tech protection measures to avoid materials loss especially online transition. 3. There are an increasing number of Chinese students studying abroad, so HSBC Bank (China) starts a business about booking an overseas account one month in advance for Chinese students. 4. Charity is one of social responsibilities for every multinational company. HSBC Bank (China) sponsored more than 200 charity programs since 1981. 5. Intelligence and information technology are the main direction of banking business and convenient operation will be popular. Such as people can conduct transition by themselves at home rather than going out. 6. HSBC Bank (China) has a department of technology and operation service, including technology and innovation section, operation service section and software development section and so on. This department provides good operation and technology support for HSBC Bank(China). Sociocultural segment:

1. Social responsibility is a very important part for any company. HSBC Bank (China) is a bank with social responsibilities. The bank encourages employees to feedback society. HSBC Bank (China) in 2008 conducted a research shown that 70% of employees think they should take social responsibilities as a part of bank. 2. In these days, multinational companies always give some preferential policies to their employees as encouragements. Employees from HSBC Bank (China) can get 20% discount if they want buy stocks from HSBC Bank (China). 3. Sustainable development is the trend in the future. HSBC Bank (China)sponsored 250million dollars on Ecological school climate change education project,operating with FEE. More than 400...
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