HSA Assingment One Primary care clinic

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The Primary Care Clinic
January 31, 2015
HSA 300 - Health Services Organization Management
Professor Janet Kaplan

The Primary Care Clinic
Many important factors go into play when running a healthcare organization. I plan to discuss some of the key components that have influenced the development of this health care facility. The clinic mission statement will be stated and addressed to clear up any confusion. I plan to identify the three performance measures I would use to measure the clinic’s effectiveness and provide the rationale for each performance measure. I will also explain ways in which I will approach the decisions on expansions. I will also describe the role the primary clinic has played in the healthcare systems in our community. Finally, I will examine how public healthcare policies have influenced the formation of outpatient clinics in the healthcare system. Healthcare management is very involved and can at times be challenging to understand what measures need to be taken and when. The Impact of the Social, Economic and Political Forces on the Development of the Clinic Some of the key factors that have influenced the development of this clinic are political, economic, and social. The development of the clinic is affected by different political components. Some of these components consist of various laws and policies that have been set into place over the past few years. For example, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act were signed into law March 23, 2010 by president Obama (Auerbach, M. P. (2014). This act ensures that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care and will create the transformation within the health care system necessary to contain costs. These types of laws affect the primary health care organizations by making health care more accessible to many Americans that were at one-time un able to afford medical care. They also help to ensure federal funding for the medical care provided. Some of the main economic influence are the current state in which the local and national economy are. The overall status of the economy’s performance such as wage rates, spending budgets, income, and unemployment will all have a big influence on the development of our facility. Our clinic like many organizations needs the economy to be performing well in order to maintain a profitable business. Some social forces that will influence the development of the clinic are the community’s values, beliefs, and the ethnicity of the area in which we operate. There are many different traditions and beliefs on health care depending on your culture. We live in a world that is more diverse than ever before, and this should be taken into consideration when it comes to providing health care. There are different health risks depending on a person’s race and background. The Comprehensive Mission Statement

Any establishment should have what is called a mission statement. A mission statement is a statement of purpose- it is the good or the benefit that the organization intends to provide the community. Our mission statement states: We will provide an unparalleled level of patient care in a pleasing, positive setting. We will strive to exceed the expectations of our patients and our staff by focusing on high-quality medicine, attention to detail and ultimate patient comfort. We will not discriminate against any cultural beliefs or values. Patient satisfaction and the highest standard of care is our goal. This statement represents the type of care that we are striving to provide. It lets people know that we care about them and their needs are well as the cultural beliefs. The Performance Measures for Effectiveness of the Clinic

Measuring the clinics performance is vital if we want to be a successful health care organization. This will give the knowledge needed to ensure we are providing excellent patient care and patient satisfaction. There are three measures that I...

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