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NSL is an infrastructure development company with an annual turnover of 500 crore’s and the workforce of nearly 200 employees at all levels of company, nearly 300 plus employees are working on contract basis at different project sites all over India. The company has huge expansion plans to increase the size and turnover of the company to Rs.1200 crore’s by March-2015 i.e., within 4 years. NSL has a strong Market reputation and has experience in handling projects such as Constructing Roads and Highways, townships, canals and irrigation etc., Discerning more growth in this sector in india and consequently business opportunities, the company wanted to expand its operations into power and energy sector, airports, projects, rail and metro projects etc.., The CEO announced the new mission of the company to all the business sectors like business development, marketing, finance and human resources to align their present strategy according to the new mission of the company. All the sectors of the company were very positive in accepting the new strategy and stated implementation with their respective teams and working effectively to reach the turnover 1200 crore’s by March 2015.

Aim & Objectives:
1a: Identify and Explain three key HRM activities of NSL Infrastructure Company. (LO 1.a) 1b: List important objectives of these three HRM activities of NSL infrastructure Company. Justify and explain methods by which these objectives would be achieved by effective management of human resources. (LO 1.b) 1c: Display the ability to select two appropriate models of HRM and justify with the perspective of NSL Infrastructure Company. (LO 1.c)

What is Human Resource Management?
It refers to the practices and policies one needs to carry out to deal with the personnel aspects of the management job and make the people in the organization or a firm to work effectively. The main objective of human resource management is to make workers productive towards its company and be concerned for the employee’s welfare. Human resource management is said as effective management of people at work. Human Resource Management mainly focuses on the recruitment and release of individuals from organizations, as well as the management of their performance and potential while employed by the organization.

Task 1:
1 (a). There are several key HRM activities in human resource management, 3 of them are 1)Human Resource Planning.
2)Recruitment and Selection.
3)Training and Development.

1)Human Resource Planning: A basic management function involving formulation of one or more detailed plans to achieve optimum balance of needs or demands with the available resources is called Human Resource Planning. It is also the process of setting goals, developing strategies and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish goals.

A proper planning has to be made in the NFL infrastructure to reach its huge expansion plan successfully, in order of achieve this objective the planning has to undergo the following:-

The planning process involves
(1) Identify the goals or objectives to be achieved.
(2) Formulate strategies to achieve them.
(3) Arrange or create the means required.
(4) Implement, direct and monitor all steps in their proper sequence

2)Recruitment and Selection: Recruitment involves the utilization of organizational practices to influence who are willing to apply for job vacancies. Recruitment can focus on pursuing the staff already employed by the organization or from applicants pursuing from outside the organization.

Selection is the process of identifying and hiring the efficient person for the job requirement in the company from the group of people who is willing to work for the organization. Recruitment and Selection play a vital role in any organisation; it’s a challenging task to employers as this is to find the right candidates at right time and hiring them...
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