Hrm330 Wk3 Paper

Topics: Writing, Interview, Citation Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Written Assignment #1
Labor Relations Interview
Due Week 3

Assignment Overview
Conduct an interview with a Labor Relations Officer/Manager within your own Human Resource department or outside your company, either private or public sector. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with real world exposure to the functions performed by labor relations. This assignment is worth 150 points; see rubric below. Preparing for this Assignment

Identify who you will be interviewing early in class and set up an appointment. Be sure to leave enough time to conduct the interview and write your paper. Account for the possibility that your interviewee might change the appointment date/time. You must have a back-up plan. Assignment Criteria

1. Write a 6-10 page paper (does not include title page or reference page/pages) providing a “summary” of the interview. 2. You will create the interview questions (do not submit the interview questions). It is your decision how many questions you use. You want to ask enough questions to gather substantive information about the Labor Relations Officer/Manager’s job and function. Ask follow-up questions as appropriate. Some questions might include: a. What are the typical functions of your job?

b. What challenges do union (or non-union) environments face? c. What have you found to be the highest volume of labor issues? d. Why do you think that issue(s) is so high?
3. Follow APA format guidelines.
4. The paper should NOT be just a list of questions and answers. I am not looking for any quoted material from your interviewee. This should be your encapsulation of the information obtained through the interview. Consider the interviewee’s answers as raw data that now needs to be written in an academic content/format. 5. The paper should be your understanding of the information shared by the interviewee and what the information shared “means.” 6. The paper should include theory...
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