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Topics: Management, Human, Female Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 22, 2010
In the case study " Deloitte & Touche: Managing Diversity for a Competitive Advantage" we need to answer the following questions: 1. How did the problems at Deloitte & Touche occur in the first place? 2. Did their changes fix the underlying problems? Explain.

3. What other advice would you give their managers?
In answering these questions we need to distinguish between the role of human resource manager and line managers.
I believe the problem started in what had at that time been a male dominated profession, where female employees may have been looked down as inferior employees. On top of this you have the complication of a work environment where there is little advancement, over all there is just so many partners in a firm. Even a further issue is family issues that can effect a female employee over a male one, where a man may continue to work during and after a pregnancy a female will loose some time. With all these factors in place these set up the problem to occur.

When looking at the changes Deloitte & Touche made to fix their problem we can easily see that the changes did in fact have a favorable impact. But did it fix the underlying problem? In my opinion I believe it did, Deloitte & Touche made changes that made the work environment much better suited for female employees. They made an environment where they allowed flexible work schedules, career planning for woman, and workshops for those in management positions.

I am not sure there is any further advice I could give the managers other then what was provided by Deloitte & Touche. If I was to impart any thing to them would be that it is important to realize that male and female brains, emotions, and experiences are very different from each other. What works for one may not work for the next.
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