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In the interrelated world of today, forces of struggles, convergence and consolidation are in continuing for pressures on the organizations. And the employees like to deliver best value. Today, the convergence of the market forces and technology is helping to create highly competitive situation on business.

For facing to these types of situations the organization main functions might have to be change. Especially in service industry like banking, competition is become more highly and its can affects to the overall employees behavior as well.

Many progressive business around the world have start internalize the reality and reconstruct the role of HR, in order to get the best value of their intellectual resources. Human Resource functions have become move ahead through the years to new transformational role in the different sector like Finance services, IT sectors, Entertainment and travel and tourism etc.

When changing and adopting to several different situations in the organization, we can identify some are expectable some are not. Here we classify HR roles and responsibilities in a different way and applied to a selected organization and how it can be view through in those functions.



Human resources includes a number of functional areas, including responsibilities form recruitment and staffing to compensation and benefits or training and development. The human resource profession has developed during the past 20 years and continues to change, from the collective demographics of HR professionals and the ways that to the workforce enter the profession to the functions and roles delivered by HR and value it gives to organizations. Human Resource mobilized to bring much more to organizations than record keeping. Employee benefits administration and payroll.

Many of the transactional areas that traditionally filled with the core of HR departments’ roles and responsibilities are now outsourced. The organizations focus on business strategy and talent management with leadership development activities. It can argued that Human Resource functions and departments in strategic roles and responsibilities. What factors that can be provide to and how Human Resource’s roles are viewed in the organization? HR functions and departments are particularly bound by many of organizational factors, not the minimum of which the staff size of organizations.

Human resource management or personal management is the activity of managing people within the employer-employee relationship. Human Resource plays a role of the important business partner, which has significant impact on the business performance for business Human Resource does not support in always, but it takes over the ownership and leadership of change management projects. In an organization human resources policies and practices focused on the increase of the performance of employees, maintain the high level of employee’s satisfaction. And designing the unique corporate culture. Human Resource to be instrumental and managers projects resulting in building the competitive advantage.

For a organization, HRM is a very important which is lead to attached with all intend management areas. A business unit requires employees to look different activities. This can identify as manpower or human resource. Such human resource need to be growing fully so that it will make positive contribution for the progress and prosperity a business unit. For this methodical development and management of Human Resource is necessary Human Resource Management (HRM) connect with;

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