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Tony was appointed as the HR manager for tangerine center Sdn Bhd. A beauty center that catered solely to ladies in the town of Kuantan .The beauty center was doing well and the number of clientele was rapidly escalating. The growth was expected to continue and plans were being made to expand the center. This expansion concerned Tony. In the previous year itself, Tony had struggled to recruit enough qualified job applicants. He knew that the new expansion would intensify the problem. At that time, the beauty center employed locally certified beauty therapists who only held the Malaysia JPK (SKM)Tahap III Certificate. Tony was particularly concerned about the beauty therapists. The beauty therapists had to be able to professionally deliver skilled beauty treatments, had to have a pleasant personality and good communication skills. Beauty therapists would not need decision making skills but they would need to possess practical skills in order to apply the hands-on treatments. The center offered beauty treatments such as facials, slimming treatments, massages, and aromatherapy. Customers would come to the center and expect to be treated courteously and to receive high-quality, expert beauty treatments. The pay was $5.00 an hour, low for a skilled worker in the area and the job required employees to work on the weekends. It was also a job that involved long hours and being pleasant to clients at all times. Tony had already had considerable difficulty recruiting and keeping the beauty therapist positions filled. Tony was thinking about how to attract more job applicants when he received a call from Jenny Seow, the Director of the company. "Tony, "Jenny said. "I think we need to upgrade our image. I am not happy that we only employ beauty therapists who hold the local certificate level (Malaysia JPK (SKM)). We need higher-qualified professionals in the company because I am looking to provide different types of services such as a spa, beauty consultants, skin therapists, and medical esthetics. I have decided to change the education requirement for the beauty therapist role from locally recognized certification level to that of an internationally recognized diploma level such as CIDESCO." "But Mrs. Seow ,"protested Tony, "the company is growing rapidly. If we are to have enough people to fill those jobs, we can't just insist on taking in diploma holders to do such tasks and at such a pay scale. I don't see how we will be able to meet our future needs for the job with such an unrealistic job qualification." Jenny ended the conversation by saying, "I have made up m mind. We need to upgrade the people within our organization. By getting higher-qualified people through the door, we will be able to upgrade our image as well. This can only be done if we have CIDESCO qualified beauty therapists who can bring in new services. This is the final decision and it has been cleared with the other Director."


1.Should there be a minimum education requirement for the beauty therapist job? discuss 2.What is your opinion of jenny's effort to upgrade the people in the organization ? 3.What legal ramifications, if any, should Jenny have considered?   SHOULD THERE BE A MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENT FOR THE BEAUTY THERAPIST JOB? DISCUSS

To become a beauty therapist I think you need to complete a one-year, full-time certificate or diploma in beauty therapy. Newly qualified beauty therapists are often supervised and trained by senior beauty therapists.

To become a beautician (which excludes training in full body massage, electrolysis, and laser hair removal), you need to complete a six-month full-time, or one-year part-time course at a tertiary institution or beauty school.

To ensure that your clients receive the best service, make sure your employees have the proper education and training to be qualified at their trade. Most beauty centers around the world require beauty school graduates to pass an exam and earn a license to...
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