HRM Practices in Australia vs. Other Southeast Asian Countries
Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Human resources, Philippines / Pages: 7 (1648 words) / Published: Oct 23rd, 2012

Abstract: This essay discusses about how it is impossible to compare South-East Asian Human Resource practices with those employed in Australian companies due to substantial differences in political, legal and social environments. In the political aspect, governments from south-east Asian companies and Australian companies are compared based on their compliance with the labor rights and standards. While in the legal aspect, the Australian flexibility on labor law and the Philippine labor code which states otherwise is discussed and how Australian and Philippine HRM practices are affected. Lastly how culture, norms, attitude, and the social environment of Australians and Filipinos become factors in HRM trying to lay out rules regarding tardiness and absenteeism of employees and how Australia being a first world country and Philippines being a third world country affect job design.

An Eagle who was born an Eagle, eats how other Eagles do, surrounded by other Eagles, and flies as high as other Eagles eventually grows up to become an Eagle while a Falcon who was born a Falcon, eats how other Falcons do, surrounded by other Falcons, and flies as fast as other Falcons eventually grows up to become a Falcon. The comparison of Human Resource management practices between south-east Asian companies and Australian companies is both like the Eagle and the Falcon. Depending on the country’s society, government and cultural beliefs, practices of human resource managing of companies differ in approach.
Differences of Human resource management practices in connection with the political aspect between most south-east Asian countries and Australia can be differentiated by how well the country’s governments impose to companies in the country the strict compliance on practicing and respecting labor rights and labor standards set by the International Labor Organization. “Not a single country has labor laws that are in full compliance with ILO Conventions No. 87 and 98, and the

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