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HRM practices in Bangladesh are better than the past. In the past, HR role was concentrated to hiring firing and letter issuance-dispatching-filing stage. Now it has started to perform more than that. Such as Employee motivation, Employee development, employee retention, facilitating organizational development initiatives etc. and thus contributes to the achievement of organizational goals. These value added job has just begun in BD. For a good tomorrow,this is a starting point.  The aim of this assignment is to connect practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Now the world is a competitive world. So everybody has to be expert in both practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. As part of practical orientation program, I was attached to BSRM, Corporate Office, HR Department on complementation of the practical orientation program it supported me to prepare and submit an assignment of Human Resource Management course. The focus of this assignment is to investigate HRM practices in BSRM.

HR Managers Contribution in Area of Management
Human Resource Management performs quite a few useful functions in order to achieve its objectives. These functions are- 1. Acquisition
2. Development
3. Motivation
4. Maintenance
Within the confines of the four functions-acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance- many changes have occurred over the years. What once was merely an activity to find a warm body to fill a vacancy has become a sophisticated process of finding, developing and retaining the best qualified person for a job.

HRM Practices in BSRM
BSRM group is a well-known steel manufacturing industry. It has 60 years experience exclusively in steel making is fully automatic steel re-rolling mill in the country. Human resource is one of the greatest assets for the company. BSRM believes in the ideology of achieving excellence through investing in people & technology simultaneously. Company continues to work for the development & realization of best potential of its personnel. To promote a climate of motivation & achieve growth, thrust on optimal utilization of manpower with focus on improvement in productivity will continue. It has also developed the system of nominating the Best Employee each year & awards them to encourage the total team. It also give award to those who are chosen as value champion which also motivates its staffs & employees to up hold the vision & values of the group & to live in those values. It had introduced Worker’s Profit Participation Fund & Workers Welfare Fund in 2010. By this time it disbursed significant amount of money for the welfare of its workers. Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd is very much sensitive about its employees’ welfare. So, they took some steps to the employees’ welfare to motivate them. * Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd always tries to maintain an excellent working environment. * Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd always tries to meet the employees’ financial demand in respect of salary. * Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd always tries to increment in Basic Pay. * It arranges necessary training facilities to increase the morale of its employees. * Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd rewards its employees for their excellent performance in various form of motivational aspect. BSRM has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) -one of the largest and reputed management consultancy firms in the world with the aim of strengthening human resource management through the following three stages: * Create a corporate vision and values to guide them in all aspect of their operations, functions and units. * Analyze the corporate structure to develop the most effective way to establish production, sales and delivery systems. * Provide a road map for building a world class human resource management system. In BSRM Group of Companies, HR department’s major activities...
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