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Human Resource Management



Miss Naila Akber


Sayed Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Haris

DATE: 4th July, 2009
Assessment Brief

1. Unit and Assessment Details

Course Title:HND Business
Unit Name:Human Resource Management
Assessor:Ms Naila Akbar
Internal Verifier:Ms Sadaf Ijaz
Assessment Title:Analysis of HRM practices, procedures for obtaining suitable employees, principles and procedures for monitoring employees, employee exit from the organization. Assessing in:Group of 3

Number of Words:3000 words (Total 30 Pages Maximum) Outcomes Covered:2, 3, 4 Issue Date:May 18, 2009
Due Date:July 04, 2009

Group Members

|College | |Responsibilities | | |No. |Learner Name | |Learner Signature | | | |P1, P2, P3, P7, P9, M1, M2, M3, M6, | | |7190 |Sayed Muhammad Ali |D1, D2, D3, D6 | | | | |P4, P5, P6, P8, M4, M5, D4, D5 | | |7207 |Muhammad Haris | | | |Learner’s Declaration: I confirm that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. | |Date |04/07/2009 |

Outcomes Covered

|Outcome |Description | |2 |Evaluate the procedures and practices used for obtaining suitable employees | |3 |Establish the effectiveness of principles and procedures for monitoring and rewarding the | | |employee | |4 |Examine voluntary and involuntary forms of employee exit from the | | |organization and the termination of the employment relationship |


This report is based upon the human resource management and its practices by two competitor banks i.e. Bank Alfalah and Faysal Bank.

The report is divided into three outcomes. In the first outcome, we analyzed the objectives and the process of human resource planning and evaluated the systematic approach to recruitment and then application of the same on two banks for finding the difference in their human resource planning department. Also we investigated the recruitment and selection procedure in these banks with comparison.

In the second outcome, we evaluated the application of appraisal procedures and carried out a job evaluation for Bank Alfalah. The evaluation is made about the effectiveness of disciplinary and grievance procedures which are in practice in the Bank Alfalah. Also we have explained the need for maintaining personnel records by the organization.

In the last outcome, we have discussed the exit procedure used by the two banks and the need for effective management for employee dismissal. We evaluated the selection criteria used for redundancy and at the end we proposed...
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