Hrm Practice in Bangladesh

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Report on HRM Practices at Agrani Bank Limited
1.1 Background of the report
The MBA internship program is a required course for the students who are post graduating from the Human resource management of ASA UniversityBangladesh. It is a 6 credit hour course with duration of 12 weeks. Students who have completed all the required courses are eligible for this course. In the internship program, I was attached of my organization named ‘Agrani  Bank Ltd.. During this time I learned and focused how my organization works with the help of the internal supervisor. As a result I have decided to make a report on “Human Resource Management Practices of Agrani Bank Ltd.”. Agrami  Bank Ltd is the leading nationalized bank in this country. To maintain its leading position in the Bangladesh, Agrani Bank Ltd. is always keen to develop long-term beneficial relationship with trustworthy clients. To achieve this end, they have always upgraded their approaches to achieve profitability.  The report on “Human Resource Management Practices of Agrani Bank Ltd.”. was initiated as part of the Internship Program, which is a MBA Degree requirement of the Faculty of Business, ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB). The report is being submitted to Dr. Abdul Awal Khan Dean, Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh. Since the MBA program is an integrated, practical and theoretical method of learning, the students of this program are required to have practical exposure in any kind of business organization as last term of this Program. 1.2 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 

      As a partial fulfillment of the Master’s of Business Administration internship is a requirement at the end of the completion of all the credit courses. The main purpose is to be familiar with the real world situation and practical experience in a business firm. Commercial bank, especially Private Bank is one of the important business sectors in Bangladesh. Agrani Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank in the govt. sector, which is focused on the established and emerging markets of Bangladesh. The purpose of this study is to earn a real life practical experience on Banking System. The study mainly conducted with the following objectives:

* To understand how important Commercial Banks are in the functioning of a modern economy and financial system * To see how the commercial are regulated
* To be able to read and understand bank financial statements and grasp how banks create and destroy money * To see how to generate the credit division along with general banking system. Analysis Objective

 Broad Objective
To analyze the present “HRM PRACTICE” of Agrani Bank Limited.  Specific objective
* To determine the steps involved with HRM.
* To determine the roles of HRM.
* To identify the type of system is in HRM.
* To forecast the effectiveness of HRM.
Hypothesis & Assumptions
* Political situation is more or less stable.
* All staffs are involved with HRM.
* There are certain rules and regulations for HRM.
* There is a great demand for Agrani Bank Limited.
Benefits of the Study
* It will help to find out the “HRM Practice” of Agrani Bank Limited. *  The study will help to develop models & apply them effectively in HRM system. * The study will help us to identify the type of problems that the companies usually face & it will overcome the problems. Sources of Data

The sources of data or information are divided into two parts that are; primary and secondary sources. (I) Primary Data
In the primary source, data are collected directly from interviewing their employees and other related personnel. According to the oral communication to determine the responding factors that are extremely related with “HRM System”. Primary Sources:

* Officials Records of Agrani Bank Ltd (ABL)
* Face-to-Face interview with the respective personnel
(II) Secondary Data
In the secondary source, different textbooks and journals relating to...
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