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HRM Paper Week 8
Assignment # 2 – Comprehensive Case: “Muffler Magic”  
Read the “Muffler Magic” case and write a four-to-five (4-5) page report that answers the following:  
1.      Specify three (3) recommendations about the functions of recruiting, selection, and training that you think Ron Brown should be addressing with his HR manager now.  Currently you're allowing your HR to hire employees without "carefully screening each and every candidate, checking their references and work ethic" due to such a high demand of staff. Envitably, you're higher mediocre applicants for more than mediocre pay and at the risk of your name and overall profitability. Being able to answer minimal questions shouldn't be enough to be hired as a technician and questions such as "what do you think the problem is if a 2001 Camery is overheating? What would you do?" should not be enough to secure a position within the company. Muffler Magic offers a range of products and services and engine issues is merely one of the many situations an employee may come across. How do these types of generic questions answer if your applicant is able to fulfill the requirements for "muffler replacements, oil changes, and brake jobs"? Obviously, from looking at the handful of situational mishaps you've described your HR department is merely hiring whoever walks into the office and in return you're given inaccurate and potentially life threatening break jobs and repairs out of the companies pocket. This is not acceptable and it is no wonder why the company isn't profiting. One of the reasons behinds why you don't necessarily want to adapt or change some crucial points within the company is the money. If you broke down one instance where there was an error made by one of your associates, take the engine for instance a new engine can cost any consumer somewhere in the ballpark of $2,000 to $4,000*--not including the benefits or any extra perks. Now lets say that one of these errors happened in...
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