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HRM: Maintaining Positive Employee Relationship

By windkute Jan 20, 2013 484 Words
One of the most important HR practices that support the company performance is managing employee relations. It is rightly said that the success and failure of an organization is directly proportional to the relationship shared among the employees. In particular, the increased growth of workforce diversity has led to a need for continuous changes in HR practices and policies. Therefore, managing human relations has become the most difficult challenge that the HR professionals are facing today.

These are some role and function of HR professionals in term of maintaining the positive employee relations:

1. They undertake the communication task, this refer to preparing and distributing employee handbooks, which detail the company policies as well as company publications in order to raise the knowledge and attitudes of employees about an organization and their jobs. Furthermore, they have the effective communication with employees, address their problems, and answer to questions about benefit and policies.

2. HR professional plays a key role in blinding the employees together. They must organize certain activities, which help in strengthening the bonds among the employees and bring them closer. These are maybe some events such as sport days, green days, some annual ceremonies.. Besides, this kind of motivation is also the effective tools to create a healthy employee relationship. It helps to increase the satisfaction of the employees about jobs and with their superiors.

3. In organizations where employees belong to a union, the HR department also make collective bargain to negotiate about an employment contract with union members and maitain communication with union representatives to ensure that problem are resolved as they arise.

4. When a new employee joins an organization, HRD task is make sure he receives a warm welcome by all. They hold the induction program to welcome him and let other employee know about him.

By managing employee relations well, HR professionals create a positive work environment, decrease violations and disappointed feeling of employee. Furthermore, they meet demand for security and self-respect of employees in the Maslow's hierarchy, thus, motivate them to do high performance and attract potential employees.

A good example for this HR practice is FPT Company, which is considered the exciting work environment. In recently research among 5000 employees of FPT Company on 3 reasons he/she likes or dislike working at FPT. ¾ among the answers confirm that they want to work at FPT because of its work environment. According to the feedback, FPT ‘s work environment is highly dynamic, creative, friendly and democratic. Employers are pretty sociable with their employee and the relationships among employees are also good. They think that one of the most important that engage them with FPT is the bond with co-workers. They do not want to change their jobs because they fear for loosing this relationship. Therefore, looking in the success of FPT today, we can see how important the Employee Relations Management is.

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