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Table of Contents
Job analysis and Job descriptions4
Job analysis and the major components4
Reasons for job analysis4
The relationship between Job analysis and Human resources5
Job descriptions and the components involved5
The importance and use of job descriptions6
Questions for analysis6
Job description8
Job context8
Job purpose8
Position environment8
Core responsibilities9
Outcome statements of the position9
Selection criteria Essential9
Performance indicators10
Special circumstances11
Reference list13
Answers for job analysis14

Human resource management is defined as the process that manages the employment relationship (Seward, Dein, 2005, p.3). Human resource management recognizes that the people make the organization and provide the company with a competitive advantage. The aim is to assist the organisation in using people to achieve the businesses objectives (Seward, Dein, 2005, p.3). A Job analysis is a key activity in human resources, and provides information regarding positions in the organisation. It is an important topic as it is a vital employment tool which can assist with HR activities and potential and current employees, ‘Job analysis is the systematic study of positions to identify their observable duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a particular task or group of tasks’ ( Kovac,2006, p.1). The significance of this essay is to conduct a job analysis to further my understanding of the topic and to develop the analysis into a job description. The importance and use of job analysis is discussed and the major components which are involved. The method used for this job analysis is a questionnaire consisting of questions targeted at a real estate sales representative. The answers to the job analysis questions are then developed into a job description for that position. The job description includes what skills, qualifications and responsibilities are included in the job, and who would be a suitable candidate. I state my reflections of this assignment to express the challenges and rewards I received from conducting a job analysis, and whether or not I could consider doing this as a full time profession. The scope of this assignment focuses on the job analysis and the product of this process –job description. Other products of the job analysis are briefly mentioned, however are not discussed in detail.


Job analysis and Job descriptions
Job analysis and the major components
One of the main activities of human resources is job analysis, ‘job analysis is a systematic procedure for gathering, documenting and analysing information about three basic aspects of a job: job content, job requirements, and the context in which the job is performed’ ( Bemis , Belenky , Soder,1983, p.1). Job analysis is gathering job data and is adopted by organizations in a variety of situations such as job design, recruitment, selection, performance appraisals, career development and job specification ( Kramer,Mcgraw,Schuler, 1997,p.262).The first component of job analysis is the Job content, which are the duties and responsibilities involved in the position. The level of depth of the job content depends on the position and situation, ‘job content identifies and describes the activities of the job. Depending upon the particular job, the content may range from general statements or more detailed statements’ (Bemis , Belenky , Soder,1983,p.2). The second component is the requirements of the job which involves qualifications, knowledge and skills which are needed for successful job performance, ‘factors such as education, experience, degrees, licenses that an individual possesses for successful performance’ (Bemis , Belenky , Soder,1983, p.3). The...
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