Hrm in Garment Industry

Topics: Job satisfaction, Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 26 (9995 words) Published: January 19, 2012
Study on employee job satisfaction at liberty garments

by Hemanth CRPatna on Nov 02, 2010

Study on employee job satisfaction at liberty garments
Study on employee job satisfaction at liberty garments


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Study on employee job satisfaction at liberty garments — Document Transcript

• 1. INDUSTRY PROFILE ABOUT GARMENT INDUSTRY: INTRODUCTION: As the business increases day by day to global standards, garment industry also takes its boom in the world trade. Though there are certain limitations and drawbacks in the business scenario, it is still trying to achieve a memorable growth in the world trade. From ancient days onwards, garments play an important role in each and every ones life. Now the fashion technology is growing not only in towns and cities, but also in small villages. People are now very much interested to wear new fashion garments. Media also playing an important role in evaluating the garment industry all over the world. ABOUT GARMENT INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (GIDC): To protect the rights of manufacturers and to create a beneficial marketing facility for garments, ‘THE GARMENT INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION’ came in to force. The GIDC is a non-profit organization established in 1984 in the city of New York by the garments workers union and the new York skirt and sports wear association to strengthen the worlds garment industry. For the past twenty years, GIDC has evolved in to multi-tiered service organization providing marketing, buyer referrals, training and technical assistance to the manufacturers and workers.GIDC acts as a link between designers & labels and high quality producers and it has the following directors: BRUCE RAYNOR -CHAIRMAN STEVEN E-THOMAS-VICE CHAIRMAN EDGAR ROMNEY -SECRETARY TREASURER ETC 1 • 2. USE OF COMPUTERS IN GARMENT INDUSTRY: CAD: Computer aided and designing (CAD) is industry specific design system using computer as a tool. CAD is used to design anything from an aircraft to knitwear. Originally CAD was used in designing high precision machinery. Slowly it is found its way in other industries also. In 1970’s, it made an entry in the garment industry. Most companies in India and abroad have now integrated some form of CAD in to their design and production process. In fact, according to national garment association of US, of 228 garment manufacturers: 65% use CAD to create color ways. 60% use CAD to create printed fabric design. 48% use CAD to create merchandising presentation. 41% use CAD to create knitwear design. KNITTED FABRICS: Some systems specialize in knitwear production and final knitted design can be viewed on screen with indication of all stitch formation. PRINTED FABRICS: The process involves use of computers in design, development and manipulation of motif. The motif can then be resized, recolored, rotated depending on the designers goal. SKETCH PAD SYSTEMS: These are graphic...
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