Hrm Growth in India

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HRM Evolution-India
Indian experts account growth since 1920
This period related to post I-World War difficult conditions that called for State intervention & Trade Unions.  
The Royal Commission (1931)- recommended to appoint of Lab-Welfare-Officer for selection of workers & settling grievances The Factories Act, 1948- compulsory Welfare officer (workers 500 & 500+)  

In course of time: Two Professional Bodies set up.
IIPM ( Kolkota ) & NILM (Mumbai), premier Traditional Industrial Centers. Post II- World War & Indian independence- witnessed increased ‘Awareness & Expectations’ of workers  
During 1960s Personnel Function began expanding beyond ‘ Labor welfare’  Labor welfare, IR& Per-Administration merged into emerging profession - Per. Management (PM)  
Shift in focus towards Professionalisation of MGT.-Massive thrust to heavy industry (II-Five Year Plan) & accelerated growth of public sector in Indian economy 1970s-Shift in Professional Values - Focus from welfare to focus on Efficiency  

1980s-New Technologies, HRM challenges, HRD- Talk of Professionals 1980s-IIPM and NILM merged, birth of National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM)1990- ASPM (USA) change to Society for Human Resource Management 1990s-Emphasis Shift to ‘ Human values & productivity through people’

Human resource management
Evolution of personnel management
Chronological Growth of Per. Management

(i) Era of Industrial Revolution 
(ii) Era of Trade Unionism
(iii) Era of Social Responsibility Feeling
(iv) Scientific Management Era
(v) Industrial. Psychology Era (incl.Human Relations) 
(vi) The Behavioral Era
(vii) Personnel Specialist Era
* Scientific Management Has:
* Taylor’s Approach After 30 Years Popularity
* Era is an Outgrowth of Human Relations Studies
* Behavioral Sciences include
* Three Popular Theories
* The Present day Personnel management: Entrusted with 3-Chief Responsibilities * Conclusively
* HRM Evolution-India
* Indian experts account growth since 1920
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(i) Era of Industrial Revolution
Modern P.M evolved from number of significant inter-related developments prior to beginning of Industrial Revolution. Prior to IRE existed several distinct Employer-Employee Relationships. Termed as Slaver, Guild System

Initial State of Guild System seeded Per. Mgt for well-knit groups (Masters, Traveling journeymen & Apprentices) System involved “ selection, Trg, development, rewarding, maintaining workers” ‘Wage Salary Admn & Collective Barging’ over wage & working conditions were in evidence. But Economic& Social changes Overtook Old Eco-Soc-Political System. Indl-Revolution used Mech. Energy/ Machines consequently start of factories with Larger workforce Productive power/ man increased

Machine efficiency triggered further sub division of labor
Led to specialization in One-Task than skills in No. of Jobs  
IRE Expanded Mass Production
Mod. Indl Corporations Applied Science & Tech to all Facets of Work  It affected Personnel Admn. System Profusely:
Work Place – home to Common Roof
Production Methods-Manual skills to Machine skills
Migration-Rural to Urban concentration
Separation- of Owners &Managers, Employer-employee affected Mechanization- Women & child labor replaced Men
Complexity of Prodn-Process & Adv-Tech : New class of employees commanding power in Coy. New Jobs suited white collars/ managerial groups replacing Blue collars /artisans Specialization- produced Specialists: Engineers/Lab-Relation Mgrs/Safety Engineers Ills of IRE:

Small Dingy Factories
Concentration of people & Machines
Unhygienic & Unsatisfactory Working Conditions
Working Hours: 11 hrs-Adult, 15 hrs-Child
Government – Non-interfering
Labor looked upon – Commodity to be bought & sold
Division of Work -Monotony...
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