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In present times, the dynamic rate of change in the workplace is accelerating from day to day. Human Resource Management (HRM) thus plays an important function within an organization to manage employment. Being resource-centered on manpower, it focuses on recruiting the right people for the right job and set precise directions for employees to meet organization’s goals. As defined by Stone, HRM involves the productive use of people in achieving the organization’s strategic objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee needs. (Stone, 2005)

HRM functions include main activities like Acquisition, Development, Motivation and Maintenance. Job analysis gives the basis for Human Resource (HR) activities. It produces information on the job requirements and is then used to develop job descriptions and job specifications. (Dessler, 2001) And such, it uses the requirement for human resources to develop a plan for staff acquisition.

Acquisition is the fundamental function in HRM. Appropriate staffing starts from recruitment and selection. Recruitment process aim to build a pool of candidates from qualified candidates that support the core competencies required for jobs vacancies by recruiting internally or externally. From the recruited pool of talents, Selection would occur. The candidates will be screened through various assessments by HR professionals against described standards adhering to initial HR planning. It aims to engage the desired individuals with the aim of fulfilling organizational goals to becoming a competitive edge to business rivals.

Upon recruitment, adequate training and development must be given to the employee in order to prepare them for work challenges. Performance appraisal helps to determine the type of training and development required. It focuses on individual performance assessed by management appraisers that generates useful information for administrative, developmental and research purposes. (Stone, 2005) After evaluation,...

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