Hrm Duties and Responsibilities

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RECRUITMENT PROFILE Profile: Human Resources

Major Duties and Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the interpretation and application of the Staff Rules, regulations and procedures ensuring uniform application in accordance with guidelines from Headquarters. 2. Provides advice to staff members on specific entitlements, taking action locally as appropriate, or submitting recommendations for exceptions to DHRM; 3. Ascertains human resource requirements for the office ensuring the timely advertisement and filling of vacancies; 4. Participates in the selection of internal candidates and submits appropriate recommendations; Interviews and tests new candidates, verifying educational qualifications and previous employment record; Manages the advertisement and filling of local vacancies, advising applicants on the nature of the responsibilities to be performed as well as entitlements and career prospects; 5. Organises and supervises the functioning of a local APPC, as appropriate, ensuring adherence to the policies and procedures specified in the relevant regulations; 6. Briefs newly arrived staff on related administrative formalities and ensures all arrangements made for onward travel, if applicable; Supervises the prompt and efficient processing of documentation for the arrival and departure of international staff; 7. Controls the maintenance of the personnel records in the office; Monitors the follow-up of correspondence between each sub/field-office and Headquarters, ensuring that outstanding queries receive a timely response, after due analysis. Maintains and monitors leave records and requests for overtime. 8. Participates in the preparation of submissions for review by APPB and APPC (if no local committee established) for the filling of vacant posts as well as for promotion and the review of contractual status of staff members; Participates in the preparation of ROR/IOR submissions; 9. Clears all payments related to personnel issues such as MSA/DSA/hazard pay/MIP reimbursements/Medical Evacuations/travel and shipment costs etc. for Branch Office and on behalf of sub/field-offices; 10. Provides support, guidance and training to personnel staff as required; Participates in the review of training needs of staff making appropriate proposals to meet identified needs; Participates in local salary surveys; 11. Represents the office individually or as part of a team in meetings concerning personnel issues; 12. Negotiates staff complaints and maintains harmonious relations with local Staff Council; 13. Performs other duties as required.

Managerial Competencies (if any) (see attached Annex) MC03 MC04 MC06 Managing Performance Coaching and Developing Staff Political and Organisation Awareness

MC02 MC05

Leadership Managing Resources

Functional Competencies (see attached Annex) HR01 HR03 HR05 HR09 HR10 HR12 Developing and Implementing HR Policies and Procedures Manpower and Career Planning Providing HR Advice and Guidance Personnel Administration Staff Counselling Upholding Standards

Academic Qualifications First University degree (BA/BSc.) in business administration, human resources, education or social science Advanced University degree (Masters) in business administration, HR or related social science/education Other relevant qualifications in addition to the above • HR professional certification

Relevant Experience • • • • • • Experience in any HR field Work in a multi-cultural, multi-national context Experience in humanitarian activities (NG) s, etc.) Experience in working with any government body in administration or HR management Work in a developing country (other than own) under conditions of hardship and low infrastructure Administration/HR work with UNHCR or any other UN agency

Managerial and Technical Skills • • • • • • • • • Supervisory responsibility Ability to manage a section/unit/team of support staff Ability to prepare and administer budgets/resources/people Negotiating/diplomatic skills...
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