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Topics: Candidate, Face transplant, Need Pages: 1 (557 words) Published: October 29, 2014
This quarter our firm has been faced with the staffing decision of choosing between two qualified candidates to be promoted to our administrative staff. Both individuals have proven that they demonstrate great leadership and have the vision instilled upon them to lead our firm. The problem for this case is two-fold both candidates have detriments that could potentially effect on the job performance. The first candidate, Margaret has a history of chemical dependency and although she has been clean for over a year, she is not actively enrolled in any type of treatment problem. The risk our firm faces is a potential personal setback or substance relapse. If Margaret were to relapse her performance would be greatly affected and our administrative staff would be crippled. The second candidate, Beth is also very qualified for the position. She demonstrates high level job skills and would be a great addition to our administrative staff. The problem we face with hiring Beth is that she has a very conservative approach on her family and the role she plays in their lives. She believes that a line must be draw between work and family. In the event that the new roles and tasks placed on Beths shoulders are too overbearing, we fear that she would be unwilling to allot additional time to achieve these tasks. The problem we face is that we are presented with two highly qualified candidates, but we face an uncertainty that the employees personal lives could interfere with their performance in the new role. The solution to the problem is to promote both Beth and Margaret. The rationale behind this decision is that in the event that one of the individuals is consumed by certain aspects of their personal lives, the other will be able to burden the extra work when needed. For example, if Beth needed time off during the day to take her child to an appointment, Margate could conduct any meetings or conference calls Beth may have scheduled. On the contrary, if Margaret...
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