HRM Case Study: Planning a New Program Launch at LDC

Topics: Management, Mailing list, Project management Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: February 16, 2015
MA HRM – ‘Leading & Managing’ Module
Planning a New Program Launch at LDC
Pam” (a disguised name but a real person) was director of training at a large, Midwestern training company - Leadership Development Centre (LDC). One of Pam’s responsibilities was to plan the launch of LDC’s new training programs. The company had a reputation for excellent programs targeted at mid-level managers. However, LDC’s top executives felt that the company should offer more training programs for senior executives, arguing that if senior executives personally experienced the quality of the firm’s training, they would be more likely to recommend and approve training requests for their mid-level managers.

Pam discussed the program objectives for the new Senior Executive Leadership Program with her boss and her peers. Some thought the program should be a “loss leader” or in other words, that it should lose money but pay for itself by generating more participants for LDC’s mid-level managerial programs. Others thought that the new program should break even financially. Everyone agreed, however, that the program should be of sufficient quality that participants would have a very favourable impression of LDC. As a result, they would be more likely to encourage their employees to attend LDC programs and approve their requests to do so. Pam determined that the program’s success would be measured in three ways. First, the number of participants taking the first program would be monitored. Pam calculated it would take about 18 participants for the program to break even financially. Second, she would survey all participants regarding their satisfaction with the program, its content, materials, facilities, administration, and instructors. Finally, LDC would track the number of mid-level managers from the companies of those attending the senior executive program to determine if there was an increased participation level over time.

In launching the program, Pam examined the past marketing...
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