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1. Introduction1

2.1 Company Profile & History1

2.2 GM Corporation’s values2
2.3 GM’s value at Work2
3.1 Key elements of the organisation’s
HR policies and practices 3

3.2 Analysis of HR Strategies at General Motors3

3.2.1 Corporate Social Responsibility5

3.2.2. Diversity and Equal Opportunity5

3.2.3 Recruitment & Selection 7

4. Identify the key issues need to be monitor by
the HR Manager who appoint for GM India8

4.1 Identify an issue which appear with some advantages
and disadvantages for new HR manager for India9

5. Conclusion10

6. References11

1. Introduction:

The main factors which influence the choice of General Motors Corporation (GM) as the exceptional company for this assignment are – its excellent performance in terms of market share in the automobile industry around the globe, the marvellous customer services offered to their customers and the unbeatable human resource strategy which is firmly rooted in the company in order to deliver innovatively both within and outside the company.

2.1 Company Profile & History:

General Motors Corporation (GM) is working worldwide for the development, production and marketing of automobile and its parts. The Company develops, manufactures and markets vehicles and vehicles parts globally through its four automotive regions: GM North America (GMNA), GM Europe (GME), GM Latin America/Africa/Mid-East (GMLAAM) and GM Asia Pacific (GMAP). General Motors Corp. founded in 1908 in USA and continued it’s identity as the world's largest automaker for 77 years. GM is operating in over 70 countries with a presence in more than 200 countries, more than 260 major subsidiaries and more than 250,000 employees worldwide. GM manufacturing units are established in 35 countries. In 2007, nearly 9.37 million GM automobiles were sold worldwide under the following brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, HUMMER, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Vauxhall and Wuling. At present GM’s annual sale is £90,504.5mil.

Genuine GM Parts and accessories are sold under the GM, GM Performance Parts, GM Goodwrench and ACDelco brands through GM Service and Parts Operations, which supplies GM dealerships and distributors worldwide (; www.



2.2 GM Corporation’s values:
The core value of GM is ‘Winning With Integrity’. Mr Rick Wagoner, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the GM Corporation, very humbly explain the meaning of the integrity for GM. ‘Operating with integrity means honest and accurate reporting of company performance, both internally and externally. That means careful attention to company’s internal controls and policies and understanding organisation’s legal responsibilities, and complying with them.  Elaborately it explains competing by the rules and making sure that our actions match our words’. ( 2.3 GM’s value at Work:

To established above values GM prioritise the ‘performance’ which known as a performance culture. To create a great performance culture GM follows four priorities; • Focus on the customer – create products that exceed our customers’ expectations • Act as one company – leverage the strengths of our global team, drive common best practices, and accelerate knowledge transfer • Embrace stretch targets – reach for goals beyond what is thought possible • Move with a sense of urgency – drive significant speed into our business (

3.1 Key elements of the organisation’s HR policies and practices:

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within the organizational that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization...

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