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Task 13
1.1The difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management3 1.2How the HRM function contributes to the purpose of the organization3 1.3The role and responsibilities of line managers in supporting HRM4 1.4The impact of legal and regulatory framework in an organization5 Task 26

2.1 & 2.2 General HR planning6
2.3 The recruitment and selection process7
2.4 Effectiveness of recruitment and selection7
Task 38
3.1 Motivation of staff through reward8


In this assignment I will present you my work about Enterprise Rent-a-car Company which has a very complex human resource management and I can develop a full application of the learning outcomes LO1-LO4

According to The Times 100, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the number one rental car company in North America and arguably, the world. Jack Taylor founded Enterprise in 1957 in the United States. It is a privately-owned business. Forbes ranks Enterprise as number 16 in the top 100 private companies in the United States. Enterprise wins awards for achievements in many areas. These are some of those won in the UK and Ireland in 2006: • Best Corporate Car Rental Company 2006 - Institute of Transport Management • Top 50 'Where women want to work' - The Times with Aurora • O2 Ability Awards 2006

• Service Provider of the Year 2006 - British Insurance Awards • Best Graduate Advert and Best Graduate Web Site - Recruitment Advertising awards 2006. Enterprise is committed to delivering exceptionally high standards every time. The goal of the company is to exceed customer expectations. The management team at Enterprise Rent-A-Car developed a simple but highly effective way of finding out what keeps customers happy.

Task 1

1 The difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

According to Torrington (2008) the difference between PM and HRM is that one of them is very reactive, providing a response to demands and concerns as they are presented, and the other one is more proactive, involving the continuous development of functions and policies. HRM denotes a shift in focus and strategy and is in tune with the needs of the modern organization. HRM concentrates on the planning, monitoring and control aspects of resources whereas Personnel Management was largely about mediating between the management and employees.

Figure 1.1 Differentiation Characteristics

| Personnel Management | Human Resource Management | |More administrative in nature |Responsible for managing a work force as one of the primary | |Attached to Payroll |resources in an organization | |Concerned with the Fulfilment of Employment Law |Is described as much broader in scope | |Often considered an INDEPENDENT function of an organization |An integral part of the overall of the company function | |Considered typically the sole responsibility of an organization’s |All of an organization’s managers are often involved in some manner | |personnel department |A main goal may be developing managers ( in different departments ) | | |with skills to handle personnel-related tasks |

According to The Times 100, in Enterprise rent-a-car we find more likely Human Resource...
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