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hrm answer
Human resource management (Answers)

Section A Subject Code-B-102

Part one

c) Ethnocentrism
a) Job Analysis
b) Minimum wages act 1948
b) Placement
b) Development
a) Planned change
d)Performance management system
c)Rating scale
a) Human Resources
10. a) Management Game

Part two

1. Importance of career planning in industry:
➢ Career planning is the process by which one selects career goals and the path reach these goals. ➢ Career planning is not an event or an end in itself,,, but it is a continuous process of developing human resources for achieving optimum results.

1. Features of HRM
➢ Pervasive force: HRM is pervasive in nature, which is present in all enterprises and permeates all the levels of management in organization. ➢ Action Oriented: HRM focuses attention on action. The problems of employees at work are solved through rational policies. ➢ Individually oriented: It tries to help employees develop their potential fully and encourages them to give their best to organization. ➢ People oriented: HRM is all about people at work, as individuals and groups as well, where people are assigned jobs in order to produce good results. ➢ Future oriented: HRM helps an organization to meet its goals in future by providing for competent and motivated employees. ➢ Development oriented: HRM intends to develop the full potential of an employee. ➢ Integrating mechanism: HRM tries to build a cordial relation between the organization and the people in the organization. ➢ Auxiliary service: HR manager is a specialist advisor and it is a staff function.

2. Concept of performance appraisal:
➢ Performance appraisal is the concept of evaluating the behavior of employees in the work spot which is both qualitative and quantitative aspects of job performance. Appraisal of employees serves several useful purposes: ➢ Compensation decisions: it can serve as basis for pay increase. Managers need performance appraisal to identify employees who are performing at or above the expected levels. ➢ Promotion decisions: it can serve as a useful basis or job change or promotion. When merit is the basis for reward the person receives the promotion. ➢ Training and development programmes: it can serve as a guide for formulating a suitable training and development programme. Performance appraisal can inform employees about their progress and where they are lagging behind. ➢ Feedback: performance appraisal enables the employees to know their strengths and weakness and what he can do to overcome his weakness with increase of performance and to go up with the “Organizational Ladder”. ➢ Personal development: performance appraisal will help to analyze the reasons for good and poor performance of the employees and the steps which could be taken to increase the performance.

3. On-the-job and off-the-job training:

On-the-job training:

➢ On the job training includes job instruction training, coaching, mentoring, job rotation, apprenticeship training and committee assignments. ➢ Job instruction training: it is a 4 step instructional process where a advisor or a co-worker acts as a coach: ▪ The trainee receives an overview of the job, its purpose and desired outcome. ▪ The trainer demonstrates the job in order to give the employee a model to copy. ▪ The employee is permitted to copy the trainer’s way. ▪ Finally the employee does the job independently without supervision. ➢ Coaching: Coaching is a type of daily training and feedback given to employees by the supervisors. ➢ Mentoring: Mentoring is a function in which a senior manager assumes the responsibility for grooming a junior person. ➢ Job rotation: This kind of training includes...
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