Hrm and Organisational Turnaround Selfridges & Co

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Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach

HRM and Organisational Turnaround Selfridges & Co


Module: Managing People and Transformation (HRM 209) Module Leader: Maarten Pontier Date: 18th August 2008

Student Name: Zahoor Soomro

University Of East London


Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach

Table of Contents

Introduction Traditional Approach New Approach Performance Appraisal Reward System Participation Communication Mission Statement Organisational Values Beliefs And Vision Part Time Staff Leadership Role Line Managers Employee Commitment Need For Achievement Conclusion References

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University Of East London


Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach


The Selfridges, Trafford Park was the first store opened outside the London and became a successful test bed for the development of future stores. The store location is 3 miles outside of the Manchaster city surrounded by 280 other stores. (Case study)

The store sells different range of products in fashion, cosmetics and home ware. To run the operations, the part time and full time employees are hired. The part time staffs are employed by concessionaires who are responsible for their recruitment, pay, training and development, and discipline. (Case Study)

According to the case study, the Selfridges success is the actual out come of the successful and realistic reflection of the Human resources policies implemented in the store. According to the scenario provided, the HR policies played a vital role in delivering high performance and leading organisation to the level of expansion as a very successful up-market department store. (Case Study)

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Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach The success of any organisation is not a magic that turn organisation to the successful side but it is a continuous strategic process that integrate several activities together to bring desired results. The case study suggests the current organisational changes that are widely indicative of HRM (Human Resources Management) approaches towards strategic organisational changes.

Therefore, it becomes essential that the HRM policies should be compatible for every one and easy to understand. In the scenario of Selfridges, the policies developed by HR department seem highly compatible with the employees. As stated by James N. Baron and David M. Kreps (1999) that the HR practices of an organisation provide a framework for relationship between employee and management. He further adds, when organisation changes this framework, it can upset basis of these informal and highly complex understandings, and workers and management should spend time and energy to renegotiating the relationship each bears to the others.

Traditional Approach

In the formal context the traditional approach suggests that Business Development Director overseas recruitment and selection process (Case Study). On the other side CTO overseas the performance management system (Case Study).

It becomes highly essential to implement performance management system in the proper way so that the each employee should have proper performance appraisal system. However, it seems HR process is more informal in the organization as the mentors acting on HR processes focusing on personal and career development via

the performance management system.

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Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach

New Approach

The HR policies have contributed in the following ways;   

It gave a feeling to the staff want to work with organisation It gave a friendly place to work and created a communication bridge in between staff and management The employee’s...

References: 26. Stephen and Marjorie (2006) performance Management process. 3rd ed. Harllow. Prentice Hall.
Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach 32. Thomas O. Davenport, (1999) Make competence and organisational value. London, California
University Of East London
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