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Topics: Employment, Quid pro quo Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Brittany was dealing with a hostile work environment, relating to inappropriate behavior made by a co-worker. She personally saw him gazing at a photo of herself in a bathing suit and making offensive comments about the way she looks. She asked him if he could stop with the comments because it made her feel uncomfortable. She later found that he scanned the photo of her to his computer.   We she confronting him again, Robert went to her supervisor complaining and stating were not performing according her job responsibilities. When Brittany went to her supervisor regarding the issues, she experienced quid pro quo from her supervisor. She was informed that would be going on a business trip with him, which she never had to do before. And let him know she prefer that she does not have to travel, but was it was work related and they would be sharing a room. Then he told her that if she would show him her breast while traveling, she would get promoted. With both of these instances that happened at work Brittany has a strong case for sexual harassment and quid pro quo in the workplace. I feel that both the supervisor an co-worker should be immediately terminated. This needs to be shown as an example that sexual harassment of any kind is not tolerated. The organization should also be held responsible for the simple fact that one of their supervisors who should have been responsible for enforcing this type of thing with her direct employees was a responsible acting party. I feel that Brittany should stay employed with the company, but yet by her choice move to a different floor or position of her choice and be financially compensated. The legal factors for the potential claim of the employee pursuing legal action against the employee, is that Brittany often witnessed Robert staring at her photo and the fact he scanned it on his computer. Robert may not have caused a physical hostile environment, but he still made it a very uncomfortable environment. And after confront...
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