Hrm-587 Course Project

Topics: National Football League, Super Bowl, American Football League Pages: 2 (890 words) Published: June 20, 2013
I never understood NFL free agency. It seems as though, it is a way for an athlete to make as much money as they possibly can over the length of their career. It is a way for teams to sign players whose contracts have expired and are free to play for whomever they choose. These athletes are catered to, flown everywhere just for the possibility of them signing with their team. But, sometimes, teams have to cut players that have helped them win over the years. As a football fan, in most cases, I enjoy free agency because this is a great chance for my team to collect players to improve their roster and give them a better chance to win. Actually, being a football coach for a local rec league team in Norfolk, it makes me wonder why it is so hard for teams to develop a winning culture. Why teams do not pay to keep units together to see what they can do? Why do GM’s team teams apart for the sake of a salary cap? Why do teams like New England constantly reload, and teams fall apart. There are two teams that came to mind, one is the New York Jets and the other is the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore has had a habit of building through the draft and then signing key free agents in order to make themselves successful, while teams like the New York Jets will just sign players to sign them. Sometimes, teams use free agency to even market players they do not want to lose, but are willing to part with for more draft picks and better chance to improve their chances of winning and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy to their team. There are a couple to teams that comes to mind that amazes me. One is the Baltimore Ravens, winners of Superbowl XLVII and the other team is the New York Jets. Both teams reside in the AFC (American Football Conference), both teams play a similar style of football. As a matter of fact, these teams are connected in a more unique way. The coach of the NYJ was once the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens (Rex Ryan). Most sports fan,...
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