HRM 561 Week 6 Team Recruitment And Selection Reflections

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Team Recruitment and Selection Reflections
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Implementing an effective recruiting and selection strategy plays a key role in organizations obtaining employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to meet their organizational goals and to succeed in the future. As consultants with Atwood and Allen, we were tasked this week with developing recruitment and selection strategies for our selected clients. While we have adapted and made recommendations based on our organizations demographics, organizational goals, and culture, the methods and strategies mentioned can be utilized by any organization with similar characteristics as our selected companies. In sharing our recommendations we are providing a framework for future consultants at Atwood and Allen to use when developing recruitment and selection strategies for prospective clients. Clapton Commercial Construction

I chose to continue working with Clapton Commercial Construction, as I wanted to see the organization through its final phase of preparation for relocation to state of Arizona. I kicked off my plan by briefly reiterating Clapton’s organizational goals for the next fiscal year. I then quickly moved on forecasting the current population and employment trends in Arizona. I noted that there is a large Hispanic or Latino population in the state of Arizona with nonwhites representing almost half of the state’s population. This trend will be important when discussing recruitment, screening, and selection methods, as illegal immigration is a problem in the state of Arizona. Considering the racial and ethnic makeup of Arizona, diversity needs to be a key factor in how Clapton chooses to develop its workforce. I provided the organization with diversity objectives that would guide it in creating a tolerant and accepting work environment for all types of people and explained the benefits of promoting workforce diversity in its organization. I went even further and drafted a diversity statement, which I believe is an important step in communicating company’s vision and expectations for a diverse workforce, both internally with employees and externally to the public. I also noted that the construction industry took a substantial hit during the recent recession and is currently in the recovery process, this will require specialized talent in specific areas of the construction industry that is identified as having deficits. Currently the average construction firm only has 15 employees, with 95% of the companies employing less than 50 individuals total (Poole, 2005). Clapton is positioning itself as a major player in the Arizona construction industry because potential clients will translate the company’s size with stability and value. I advised Clapton to capitalize on this advantage to build a health clientele, and use their branding position as a large company to market them as an organization capable of providing the resources to properly serve its clientele but not too large that they lose touch with their target market. In recruiting new talent, I presented options in terms of internal and external recruitment sources. Internal sources, such as promotions, save time and money and motivate employees to work harder. External sources, such as job portals, ads, and campus recruitment, present an opportunity to recruit the skills and talent the company needs while bringing a fresh perspective to the workforce. In screening and selection, I recommended the traditional screening and selection methods such as interviews and background checks. However, I also suggested that Clapton conduct aptitude testing for contracting positions, because these positions have a high risk of injury and missteps can be fatal. The organization needs to be certain that applicants truly possess the skills they detail in their resumes and can actually perform the work they are being hired for....

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