Hrm 552 Week 3 Recommendation Report

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Hrm 552 Week 3
Recommendation Report
Kimberly Allen
May 25, 2012
Teresa Mitchell
Recommendation Report
The profit margin for Global Travel Agency has been low and the call center is currently experiencing a high employee turnover rate with the average employee resigning after 1 year. Customers have complained that representatives are confused, rude and impatient when answering the phones (Course Syllabus). As the new HR advisor for the Global Travel Agency, the following recommendation report to the organizational development and training program has been prepared. Components of Your Job Analysis and Design

To create an effective job description, a job analysis was done to determine the tasks involved as a customer service representative for Global Travel and determine the appropriate skills, knowledge, responsibilities, and abilities required to successfully perform the job (Byers & Rue, 2008). The purpose of this job analysis is to assist in the preparation of the job description and specification, ensure recruitment exercises are effective, and aid in the development of an effective performance management system (Job Analysis). Components of the job analysis include:

• Job contents comprised of the responsibilities and duties related to the job description. • Job requirements identifying the qualifications, skills knowledge, and characteristics such as personality requirements the employee must possess to perform the job successfully relating to job specifications. • Job context including reporting relationships, level of autonomy employees are given, and physical requirements. • Work processes and procedures to identify the duties and responsibilities critical to the successful performance of the job and achieving the objectives of the organization. (Job Analysis)

Job analysis results were used in the job design developed to structure work and designate specific work activities of individuals or groups of individuals in an effort to achieve...
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