Hrm/531 Week4

Topics: Evaluation, Performance, Employment Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: August 17, 2009
An annual and a semi annual appraisal will be preformed for each employee. Informal evaluations will be performed on a quarterly basis, to speak one on one about how the employee feels and to give some feedback to the employee. Management will have an additional portion of evaluation based on their management abilities. We will go over the performance evaluation and determine the rating the employee deserves for each category. We will then go over the goals from the last performance evaluation and determine if they have been met or not met. In order to help the employee reach a higher pay rate I would encourage them to meet their goals and let them know they can come to me for help when needed. I would give them resources to help meet their goals. Then if they do meet their goals I would give them positive feedback and we would adjust the goals in order to keep the employee in top performance. Feedback would be given to employees in all reviews wether informal or formal. I think employees should be given credit when they have excelled in their positions and goals. Feedback would be given on an ongoing basis when needed during the year. After feedback was given I would like to speak with the employee about how they feel and if they would like to elaborate on anything. Also if i am giving feedback to an employee that needs to improve in certain areas I would like the employee to help me in deciding what would best help him reach those goals. I would give the employee a deadline to work on the situation and have it solved or be preforming more efficiently at it. I would confirm with the employee that they feel it is a fair deadline. Then we would come up with a plan to help the employee reach those goals as quickly as possible. Goals would be open to discussion. I would like to hear the feedback of the employee on if they agree with the goals or feel they can be tweaked in some way. I would be open to their suggestions. I feel that if the employee helps in planning...
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