HRM 531 Week 4 Assignment

Topics: Management, Skill, Training Pages: 5 (1135 words) Published: July 14, 2015

To: Bradley Stonefield
Landslide Limousine Service Austin, Texas
From: & Atwood and Allen Consulting
Date: July 13, 2015

Below as requested is a performance management plan formulated for the future of Landslide Limousine? This a new business comprised of about approximately twenty-five employees opening in Austin, Texas. Alignment of performance management framework

An organization’s success relies on the standards set forth by the company’s principals and standards. It is the responsibility of the employer to develop topnotch standards and expectations that the employees are aware of and can strive to provide to the customers they serve. Employees should be provided proper training and education to best accomplish their tasks and job specific training needs to be managed. When beginning the initial performance appraisals there will need to be equal expectations and understanding of the goals set forth for the employee. To run smoothly it is best that the company provide the best possible tools and professional standards to be sure it is viewed as a companywide expectation and not an individual approach. In light of the goals and expectations of the employee there needs to be assessment and measurement that can be determined and rewarded through merit raises and acknowledgements for hard work and integrity. Organizational performance philosophy

In this day and time performance management is there to improve an individual and business presentation. Many workers and the management team try to come together and meet goals they setup as well expectations which are direct, achievable, and are combined to the accomplishments that upper management had already set. As a customer service business it will be essential for Landslide to define the goals of reliability, top-quality customer service, and high level of professionalism. They need to train the drivers with a capable and knowledgeable driver that can train both in driving ability as well as good manners. They need standards for headquarters and phone employees to be sure the business image is reflecting prior to getting into a limousine. They need to know that they will be first person of contact in the business and they need to be well trained in the extent of their services. During the final review of the training and upon assess the performance measure up to the goals. The boss and worker ought to be ready to plan and reschedule the defining meeting for the next review training cycle, or talk about the goals for the final review training cycle during the final review conference. Job analysis

All the employees will have a performance evaluation annually. We will develop a skills matrix for each role and hold the employee accountable to those skills. The skills matrix will list all the skills necessary for each role. Those that exceed the skills matrix will be seen as someone who has the skills to train others and will be regarded as a subject matter expert. A manager or supervisor who rank an employee as an exceeds rating will have to validate why they issued this rating and back it up with documentation. This is the highest rating. Those that meet the expectation will be regarded as employees who are where they need to be and could benefit from training for further development. Most of the employees will fall in this category. Employee skills and measurement

Each position as noted above will need to have specific.
* Sales/Marketing- these individuals will need to be knowledgeable f the limousine marketing in the Austin area and be aware of how they can compete. They will need to be knowledgeable regarding the Internet and the ways to advertise to the market they are targeting. * Customer Service- will need to be knowledgeable of the companies operations various services and packages and scheduling availability. Competent in the ins and outs of the limousine interior and exterior options, and charge for various add ons. Professionalism and...

References: Casico, W. (2013). Managing Human Resources (9th ed.). New York, New York: McGraw-Hill
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