Hrm 531 Performance Plan

Topics: Management, Customer service, Sales Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: May 17, 2009
Feedback & Performance Improvement:

Sales Team will be given feedback in three formats:

1. Weekly Sales Quota Report
2. Monthly Customer Service Report
3. Quarterly Sales Associate Performance Report

Employees will have the opportunity to set up a meeting with the training manager to work on any area that received a score of requires improvement. This will be available weekly for Sales Quota Reports, monthly for Customer Service Reports and quarterly for Performance Reports. Employees receiving scores above requires improvement will also be able to set up meetings with the Training Manager after all requires improvement meetings have been completed. We believe the ability to meet with the training manager will allow all sales associates to reach higher levels of performance. Training Manager may set up subsequent meetings with Sales Managers and Sales Customer Service Manager if additional on-the-job training is required.

Promotions and Educational Opportunities

When open positions become available in the Sales Leadership Team members of the Sales Team will be given the opportunity to submit applications and resumes for the available position. Remaining members of the Sales Leadership Team and Senior Management will then conduct interviews of the top three Sales Associates considered for the position. If a member of the Sales Associate Team is not chosen to fill the open position then the job will be flown to the public. Educational Opportunities are available to all Sales Associates. If a Sales Associate would like to attend a conference style training (1-5 day training) approval will be required by the Sales Leadership Team. If a Sales Associate would like to receive a bachelor or masters degree and would like partial tuition support from EnviroTech approval will be required from the Sales Leadership Team and the Senior Management Team.

Family Support

We at EnviroTech realize that you have a family outside of work for this reason the...
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