HRM 531 Performance Managment Plan

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Performance Management Plan
Shanica N. Todd-Higgins
Schedule: 11/03/2014 - 12/08/2014
Group ID: SCMBA0914

To: Traci Goldman, Manager, Atwood and Allen Consulting
From: Shanica N. Todd-Higgins
Date: November 24, 2014
Subject: Performance Management

Hello Traci,
Below, as requested, is a performance management plan formulated for the future of the Texas Landslide Limousine Company. The new Landslide Limousine business of about approximately twenty-five employees are opening in Austin, Texas. In previous communications with Atwood and Allen, the desire to start Landslide Limousines in Austin, Texas was expressed. The objective or strategy for the limousine company is to provide first-class transportation options for a variety of customers. The anticipated net revenue for the first year is $50,000 with the expectation of 5% increases in net revenue over the next several years and an estimated 20% turnover rate. Atwood & Allen believes the businesses short-term and long-term goals are realistic for the first few years. A strategic performance management framework will align the company’s goals, set the foundation for financial growth, and encourage employee loyalty. 1. Alignment of Performance Management Framework

An organization's success relies on the standards set forth by the company's principals and standards. It is the responsibility of the employer to develop top notch standards and expectations that the employees are aware of and can strive to provide to the customers they serve. Employees should be provided proper training and education to accomplish their tasks, along with managed job-specific training as needed. When beginning the initial performance appraisals, there will need to equal expectation and understanding of the goals set forth for the employee. To run smoothly, it is best that the company provides the best possible tools and professional standards to be sure it is views as a companywide expectation and not an individual approach. In the light of goals and expectations, there needs to be assessment and measurement that can be determined and awarded through merit raises and acknowledgments for hard work and integrity. 2. Organizational Performance Philosophy

Landslide Limousine is committed to the performance management plan that rewards excellent employee performance. Landslide Limousine is also committed to aligning performance efforts with employees, their supervisors, promoting consistency with their reviews, and motivating employees to perform their highest potential. All employees within the Landslide Limousine business will ensure development, performance planning and reviewing. Performance management is designed to help individuals accomplish their goals, and strive for excellence.

3. Job Analysis for Employees
Methods of conducting job analysis:
Job analysis for employees are vital when recruiting, determining salary ranges, establishing job titles, creating employee's job goals and objectives and conducting performance reviews. Job analysis is also dependent on organizational needs and what resources are available. The most common resource methods for job analysis are interviews, observations, and questionnaires. Job analysis is also used for career planning, creating accommodations and meeting legal requirements for compliance purposes. Job analysis is critical to an employee when job performance determines if one will continue to have a job or not. Therefore, it is imperative to have a written job description that reflects the employees’ current job duties and responsibilities. Reasons for job analysis:

Through research, the primary reason that an organization performs a job analysis is to ensure the selected procedures were chosen between job applicants is valid and defensible. Practically speaking, “a valid selection procedure is...
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