HRM 520 Assignment 4

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Assignment #4 – e-Recruiting
Stephanie Keaton
March 2, 2014
Human Resource Information Systems - HRM 520
Dr. Lawrence Green, Instructor

Assignment #4 – e-Recruiting
1. “Suggest how HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs.” Retaining and acquiring talent with high qualities is crucial to an organization’s success. “As the economy and job market heats up, so has the market for corporate recruiting and recruiting service and consultants” (Bersin, 2013). Therefore, the labor force becomes more competitive and available skills become more diverse, HR professionals need to be more selective when choosing the right candidate. Poor decisions made by recruiters can result into negative effects for the company. Another thing that can impact an organization as well as an employee’s morale is high training and development cost. For this reason alone, many companies have turned to e-Recruiting. “Online recruiting involves less human interaction, reaches a much broader audience, files records electronically, and provides selection tools electronically” (Friend, 2014). Companies can conduct everything online while spending less money sending all employees to a training session or meeting off-site. Just by conducting meetings, training, etc. online saves the company a lot of money. For example, new hires really make up the majority of the cost because they need to be trained in every aspect of the job they are taking on. Also, training occurs with other employees besides new hires when a new product or service surfaces within the company. All employees need to learn about the new products or services in order to promote them to their clients. Online recruiting comes in handy since it’s a real money saver by having employees do everything online via internet instead of meeting each time for different things. Online recruiting is not only cost effective

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