Hrm 520 Assignment 4

Topics: Employment, Recruitment / Pages: 6 (1351 words) / Published: Jun 11th, 2012
HRM 520: Human Resource Information System

Assignment #4: E-Recruiting

By: Lynette Woods

May 26, 2012

Strayer University

Retaining and acquiring talent with high qualities is critical to an organization’s success. As the labor force becomes more competitive and the available skills grow more diverse, HR professionals need to be more selective when choosing the right candidate. Poor recruiting decisions can result into long-term negative effects for the organization. Among this it would also contribute to high training and development cost, the incidence of poor performance and high turnover which in turn, can impact employee’s morale. Therefore many organizations have turned to E-Recruiting.
E-Recruiting is the latest trend in how organization attains their talent. E-Recruiting is also known as “Online recruitment”, it is the use of technology or the web based tools to support the recruitment process. Large and small companies are using Internet as a source of recruitment in which they advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. Potential candidates/job seekers submit their applications or curriculum through an e-mail using the Internet. Alternatively job seekers post their CV’s through the internet, which can be gathered by prospective employees depending upon their requirements. E-recruitment of workers has become a popular way to reduce costs while attracting qualified candidates.
One of the benefits to e-recruiting is cost saving benefits; this is one of the reasons why organizations are adopting more flexible HR systems. Using e-recruitment software in search of top talents helps organizations with the following: cost reduction in recruitment, improvement of the company profile and image, reduction in administrative burdens/problems, and greater opportunities to the recruitment team. HR professionals can use online recruiting to fill open vacancies fast. Jobs will be filled fast because of real-time interaction and 24x7 hiring/job search

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