HRM 498 Week 1 Individual Assignment Management Challenges and Concerns

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Management Challenges and Concerns

Human Resource Management Challenges
Human Resource Planning Making the Organization Effective
Human resource planning is the process by which management figures out how to move businesses forward from its current position to the aspiration future placement. Effective planning will result in the organizational management having the right kinds and right number of people doing things that result in the worker and the organization having maximum long-run benefits. Establishing objectives and following through by developing and implementing programs such as appraising, staffing, training, and compensating - ensure that people with the right characteristics and skills are available when and where the organization needs them (Jackson & Schuler, 1990). A major objective of human resource planning is facilitating business effectiveness. Human resource departments need to be able to analyze data that may need to guide all age groups for future years. Organizations need to know what direction they are headed. Demographic areas also have implications for managing human resources. There are four phases of HR (human resource) planning:

Collecting and analyzing data to forecast anticipated HR claim, given organization plans for the future, and to forecast future human resource supply Institute HR objectives
Creating and applying programs that will allow organization to accomplish its human resource objectives. Evaluating and monitoring these programs (Burack, 1988; Odiorne, 1981). Long-term human resource planning is the most critical aspect in an organization's future these days. The human resource manager needs to be highly skilled in composing the planning. Future needs will be very different from current ones. Promoting from within can be another complex situation when there is resistance from employees to relocate, greater emphasis on self-evaluation, and a reduction in loyalty and dedication to employers. It becomes more of a challenge to move employees around to support the organization's growth (Macoby, 1988; Mills, 1987). In order to provide the organization with a more diverse group of people to hire, staffing has to come from the outside world. Doing this enhances the organization's competitive strategy. Techniques Used to Forecast Human Resource Requirements

There are several techniques used for forecasting human resource requirements: Managerial Judgment - manager figures future labor

Trend Analysis - project human resource demand figured by (a) Annual Sales, (b) total number of employees, (3) productivity ratio, (4) HR demand, and (5) HR requirements
 Ratio Analysis - make forecasts based on ratio between sales volume and number of employees Scatter Plot - Graphics method - relationship between two variables.
 Computerized Forecast - firm sales, volume productivity, and personnel required Work Study Technique - Volume operation and work efficiency of personnel Delphi Technique - facilitator solicits and collates written, expert opinion on labor forecast Regression Analysis - movement between 2 or more interrelated series Econometric Models - estimated manpower requirement.

Nominal Group Technique - decision making that happens quickly HR Budget and Planning Analysis - estimated future demands for HR Scenario Forecasting - explore the likelihood of possible future developments and changes Workforce Analysis - determine rate of influx of employees - calculate the labor turnovers. Job Analysis - abilities or skills required to do the job efficiently. The Legal Compliance Issues Facing Human Resource Departments Challenges of the Human Resource Manager

An organization can have many legal compliance issues that a human resource department needs to face. The human resource issues are very complex when it has to do with a complex work industry. Most organizations only employ one person as the human resource manager or...

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