HRM 300 week 1 Individual assignment

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Week 1 Individual assignment HRM/300 April 30, 2013

Introduction This individual assignment paper will be discussing briefly about Human resource management, the responsibilities and what are the primary functions of Human resource management. Lastly, this individual assignment paper will discuss about the different roles of what human resources management does in an organization's strategic plan.

Human Resources Management According to"The Princeton Review"(2013), “Human resources management are the ones who deals with decisions with personnel, which includes hiring a prospected applicant, the training of new hires, providing the new hires with information pertaining to long term benefits, and assisting the new hires in completing their benefits package, and Compensation of the employees in case the employees get injured on...

References: The Princeton Review.(2013).Retrieved from
Mayhew, R.(2013).Chron.Retrieved from
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