HRM 300

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Human Resources Brochure
Team B
November 27, 2013
Linda McKee

Human Resources Brochure
In 1992 Hancock Manufacturing started producing and distributing medical devices intended for the therapeutic market in the medical industry. Hancock’s main focus of business included devices for hip and knee replacements in the United States. The company’s newly devised strategic plan reaches out to new technologies and global expansion. The human resources management (HRM) department entails assisting Hancock manufacturing in their direction of the strategic plan. The HRM department consists of several functions requiring different sets of skills. These functions include staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, diversity, employee relations, and maintenance. The strategic plan includes outsourcing the legal function to a firm experienced in international manufacturing laws. The HRM department’s priority is to focus on addressing changes in technology, diversity, globalization, and ethics to ensure Hancock manufacturing’s new direction is successful. Technology

Hancock manufacturing strives to stay abreast of new technologies in the medical field. Hancock has invested millions of dollars in manufacturing equipment for bio-engineered prosthetics. Biomedical engineering requires the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology. Technology breakthroughs such as 3-D printing and the development of biocompatible prosthesis is the direction Hancock manufacturing wants to lead in the 21st century. This advanced technology requires skilled employees. Hancock is placing a concentrated emphasis on training and developing its employees. To ensure the success of future employees Hancock has implemented a step by step training and development program that will shape any entry-level employee into a director in five short years. The culture and environment at Hancock Manufacturing is safe, fun,...

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