Hrm 240 Final Project

Topics: School counselor, Human resources, Time Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Hiring and Keeping1

Hiring and Keeping School Counselors for our School System
Dawnelle Fairall
Axia College University of Phoenix

Hiring and Keeping2
In many school systems there is a lack of teachers and counselors to assist our children in completing their education. To help the children succeed, teachers and counselor need to be selected to help the children learn. At the present time a position has became available in the school district for a school counselor for grades kindergarten-fifth. The human resources department created these tools to assist in a job analysis, hiring, selecting the employee, orientation and training.

Executive Summary
The main purpose of human resource department is to select, hire and train employees among other duties. This process can be difficult and time consuming if organization or company does not have the right documentation or tools to complete the task. Throughout this documentation there are tools to help prepare a job analysis, completing the selection process, orientation for new employees and a training proposal. All of these tools are cost and time effective.

The bottom line is profit. If a company can save money by reducing cost in these areas, it has funds available to spend in other areas that need assistances. Without these tools the company will be missing a very important piece of its strategic plan.

Hiring and Keeping3
Job Analysis
The position that has been created is on for a guidance counselor for grades Kindergarten through the fifth grade. This position includes many duties, to better understand this information I have prepared a presentation that details all the duties of the job. Selecting the Right employee

Selecting employees can be a difficult task. Since all of the employees who are selected for an interview will not always be selected to fill the position, or make it to the final group of employees that may be selected for the position. To make this...
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