Hris Replacement

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HRIS Replacement Project Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

HRIS Replacement Project Plan for Riordan Manufacturing
Resource Allocation
The project will be analyzed to identify what resources are required for the Riordan HRIS replacement project. Identified resources will be added to the project plan as shown in Figure 1 - Riordan HRIS Project Resource Sheet. Each resources standard and overtime rate is added to the resources sheet for use in the budget.

Figure 1 - Riordan HRIS Project Resource Sheet
Cost Plan
Part of project management is the estimation of the project cost. The budget can be derived from the project plan by looking at the following criteria (Marchewka, 2009): * estimated duration of activities,

* resources identified and assigned to tasks, and
* wages and overtime rate for resources.
In addition to hard numbers resource leveling is important. Resource leveling helps with accurately planning a project and will help identify if people are scheduled to have more work than hours in a day. Having too much work assigned to one person is a risk to the project. Figure 2 - Riordan Budget Report illustrates the Riordan HRIS replacement project budget based on the resources allocated to tasks in the project plan. The budget report will be monitored weekly at the beginning of the project and daily as the project progresses. Additional cost factors such as material, facility cost, insurance, and other administrative costs will be added to the project budget cost to establish the overall project budget.

Figure 2 - Riordan Budget Report
Performance Measurement
It is important to not only to establish critical tasks and sub-tasks, but also to identify a means to measure current progress against estimated progress. Without a clear understanding of where the project is in regards to the timeline management is unable to identify potential trouble spots and delays that can drive up costs and derail the project. What Is Performance Measurement

The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) provides the following definition of Performance Measurement: “Performance measurement is the ongoing monitoring and reporting of program accomplishments, particularly progress towards pre-established goals. It is typically conducted by program or agency management. Performance measures may address the type or level of program activities conducted (process), the direct products and services delivered by a program (outputs), and/or the results of those products and services (outcomes). A program” may be any activity, project, function, or policy that has an identifiable purpose or set of objectives.”(Performance-Based Management Special Interest Group [(PBM SIG)], 2001, p. 3). When undergoing a project or process there must be a method in place to judge or measure the progress and outcome, which will allow management to make intelligent decisions. Performance Measurement delivers that data management requires by applying a method of evaluating progress toward accomplishing predetermined goals, including information on the efficiency with which resources are transformed into goods and services (PM Solutions Center for Business Practices, 2005). Performance Measurement vs. Value Measurement

In measuring performance, program management is trying to gather information to help them make decisions to affect change that, with any luck, will improve that performance. For example, project performance measures are initiated to provide crucial information to managers in order to provide purpose and direction over the project. Those measures must be pertinent and applicable to the organizational level that can immediately effect change based on information it learns in order to control the performance of the project. In measuring value, you are trying to demonstrate that decisions you made to implement change, through project management improvement initiatives, has indeed added value to the organization. This is...

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