Hris as a Developmentaltool
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International Conference on “Managing Human Resources at the Workplace” on 14-15 December 2012 SDM Institute for Management Development (SDM IMD), Mysore

Topic: HRIS as a tool for Organization Development

Madhu BK
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REVA Institute of Technology and Management
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“HRIS is a Tool and is not an End in Itself. Used to Advance the Interests of Employees and for Organization development”
ABSTRACT: Technologies especially Information Technology has made professional life easier and organized. No matter whether we manage a small office or a big organization keeping track of the available information especially regarding employees and their performance is a real tough task. Though HR department is responsible for managing human resources of the organization and optimize the available resources for maximum benefit, managing and using the information is a tricky task, it is a good idea to infuse latest software and IT tool to manage the task and reduce the chances of error or redundancy. HRIS simply refers to a system that makes available the right information to the right person at the right time.
HRIS will make our task easier and manageable. Support the concept of modern paperless office and replace files and paper with digital information. The HRM software will make HR department more organized and efficient. The well-designed HR software will help in designing and implementing policies successfully for the organization development and must satisfy the needs of employees and organization. The system is effective and

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