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Work Environment
Work Environment functions define the work environment setup including organization units and hierarchy, jobs, positions. The compensation & grading policy including grades, pay scales, and points can be defined through ‘Define Grading Policy’ screen. Special functions enable to define the organization basic data such as “Countries, Cities, Locations, Employment Types, etc.”. The user can generate the organization’ chart through specialized visual tools such as Visio, Org-Plus HR Base Features

• Customizable Person file, Screens, Help
• Rules- Based, Date Tracking
• Multilingual, Multi-Org, Multi-currency, Multi- Media Attachments • Retroactive Calculations, Social Security (for UAE nationals) • Access Control, Data Authorization, Access Time Restrictions • Alerts, To Do List

• Employee self service
• Work Flow
• Organization Chart
• Audit
• Scheduler/Batch Processing
• User defined Microsoft Word printout templates (letters, • certificates, service request forms)
• Client Server or Web-enabled

Access Control and Security features
The Administrator can authorize or restrict an end user, to see/use a certain set of screens/forms and set of reports. At the same time, the administrator can implement a full access security down to the field level by authorizing and/or restricting certain users from accessing (display, insert, update, delete, query) a certain field on an accessible screen.

Personnel File
The Personnel File screen (Define Persons) will contain all information related to a person (employee, applicant, relative, etc) including bio-data, employment data. Additional information (based on the organization needs) may be dynamically added to the person file to include details like skills, previous employment. Experience, passport details, address, performance evaluation results, official missions, training courses, education profile etc…The person file is instantly customizable

‘Personnel File’ Personal Actions/Updates
• Actions/Updates that DO NOT generate Financial Effect In general, these actions/updates to the person file content (address change, new passport, new training record, etc.) are done directly to the Person/Profile file screens and these changes will be logged for further reference and/or auditing purposes • Actions/Updates that generate a Financial effect However, the actions/updates that generate a financial effect (Appointment, Change Marital status, Change Nationality, Promotion, Annual raise and Transfer) made in the HR department can be entered simply and directly to the ‘Person file’ screen( approval from GM – HR) These actions/updates may generate financial calculations according to the pre-defined organization’ rules (see Rules below). These calculations are posted to the Payroll section where the system allows for auditing and approval for final posting to the Payroll. The system provides a


Facility enabling the posting of the 1st level entered transactions to the higher 2nd level/authority for processing (in both Personnel & Payroll). HRIS should allow us producing a hardcopy printout of the transaction (if needed) including all details.

HRIS Rules Repository

The Rules and regulations for different allowances and benefits (Basic salary, Housing, Transportation, Overtime,) will be defined and maintained (update or stop validity of an existing rule by introducing an end date, add a new rule) centrally in the ‘Maintain Rules’ screen in addition to other rules related to Leave, Tickets, Gratuity Calculations, etc.

HRIS Personnel Transactions

• Appointment
Covers the process of appointing a person. It handles the appointment process by doing an appointment transaction and issuing standard employment contracts with the facility to record Functional Specifications exceptional elements and contract details. It also checks for...
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