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Bands and transitions
The bands
The Profession Map knowledge and activities in the ten professional areas, as well as the statements in the behaviours, are displayed in four bands. The four bands of professional competence define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of their HR career in the following key areas: • the relationship that the HR professional has with clients • the focus of the activities performed by the HR professional • where HR professionals spend their time

• what services they provide to clients
• how their contribution and success is measured.
Whether you are using the Profession Map for your own development or for your HR team’s/organisation, the bands help to give a clear pathway and focus to your developmental planning and activities. All professional areas and behaviours set out the standards in these four bands or levels. Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4

Relationship with
Delivering fundamentals. Adviser, issues-led. Consultant, co-operative partner.
Leadership colleague, client
confidante and coach.
Focus of activity Client support and processing
Immediate and ongoing.
Advising and managing
individual or team-based
human resource issues and
Current or near term.
Leading the professional area.
Addressing the HR challenges
at the organisational level.
Medium and longer term.
Leading the function or
professional area.
Leading the organisation.
Developing the
organisational strategy.
Developing the HR strategy.
Partnering with the client.
Where time is
Providing information,
managing data, process
Understanding the issues
and parameters, issue
analysis, evaluation,
solutions and likely
Understanding the
functional and business
realities, providing insights
and linkages, flexible and
innovative solutions, risk
Understanding the
organisational and industry
realities and the client’s
needs, developing...
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